Friday, January 21

Teachers wear skirts at a school in Lepe to support a trans student victim of harassment

It was early December and Joaquín Hernández, director of the Cesar Barrios de Lepe school, on the coast of Huelva, received the school’s students in a long black skirt and white painted nails. He was not the only one. Other teachers and students also wore skirts, colored nails, or both. It is not that Hernández and his companions woke up that day wanting to wear a skirt … or yes. Although it was rather the desire to stop a case of discrimination against a trans girl in her center.

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It’s about Jaime. Or rather, it was Jaime when he started going to school. His teachers already anticipated that one day he might suffer some kind of discrimination. Unfortunately, his forecasts were confirmed. However, what began as something that sounded like transphobia within the walls of a school has become a campaign without limits of support not only for this specific case, but for all people who may suffer a problem due to their sexual condition or of genre.

Jaime’s is a fictitious name that has already changed. Because Jaime didn’t want to be Jaime. She felt like a girl. And so he told his teacher when he asked him and he replied that he was born a boy “but I sit down and want to be a girl.” Now he is 11 years old, and his journey is not easy. Above all, due to the misunderstanding he has found in some of his colleagues. From the insults and slights they even went on to not letting him into the school bathroom. It was then that the school considered that the limit had been crossed.

Guarantee the rights of people

This is a case that the digital elrecreodiario has advanced and that began when the director spoke with the student (we will call her María). María had suffered a decline in her academic performance after receiving verbal harassment and humiliation from a dozen of her classmates. He was having a serious problem at school. It was not about pointing out anyone but about finding solutions. And what was a case of transphobia has been transformed into a campaign to raise awareness throughout the town, which comes from the center, seeks to involve all the people in the defense of individual freedom and put a stop to intolerance.

“The center could not consent to the slightest discrimination for any reason, and for the moment the issue has remained there, because otherwise we would be forced to open the harassment protocol to those who persist in their offensive acts, because we have to be at the height to guarantee the well-being of our minor “, explains the director of the school, who emphasizes:” This is not about indoctrinating, or parental pin, or anything like it. It is about guaranteeing the freedom of people and of Your rights”.

Reverse “an evil”

Joaquín did not think twice, and he stood first thing in the morning at school to do his work dressed in a skirt and with painted nails. Spontaneously, it infected the students of the center, and for two weeks many have joined the initiative and also take their painted nails to the school.

For the director of the school, it is necessary to reverse “an evil of about ten children who began to insult and humiliate the fellow person because of their identity; something totally unacceptable.” And it seems that it has worked. These minors are the first to apologize to their partner, since at school they understood that they had to reflect on their attitude. The director interviewed them immediately, admitting his mistake and vowing to help from now on.

In addition, he sent a circular to parents to explain that “we have a student at school whose sexual tendency is causing personal problems and we must all help him. We believe that all (families and teachers) must carry out joint awareness-raising work and explain the situation to our students to put an end to all this and guarantee the well-being of the student @ “.

“We ask that you join in and talk with your children from home so that they understand that we all have the freedom to feel what we want, paint our nails or do whatever we want as long as we do not influence others, and this matter does not affect the rest of us. affect nothing “, explains the letter.

Now, many teachers and students continue to go to school wearing skirts, with red, green, and purple nails. Because they are sure that this will lay the foundations for María to go to the institute like any other student her age, supported by her classmates and all her people about the normality that should preside over her life.