Wednesday, January 19

Teams Essentials, the version of Teams for small businesses | Digital Trends Spanish

Microsoft wants Teams to reach all types of users and especially companies, but not only large multinationals but also smaller ones. To do this, they launch a new version of their communication software, called Microsoft Teams Essentials and that it is aimed specifically at small businesses.

Microsoft Teams Essentials is not just a trimmed version of the main Teams, but a specially designed one that removes certain features or simplifies others. But what remains unchanged are the video calls as they are known so far, which in Essentials will have a maximum duration of 30 hours.

Meanwhile, group meetings will have a maximum limit of 300 people and with the subscription, 10 GB of storage space in the cloud is delivered per user. Those using Essentials will not need to register, install the application, or log in to join a meeting; Just an email will be enough and that’s it.

Teams Essentials also has Google Calendar integration, permanent chat rooms, and automatic captions. On the other hand, the options that are left out and that are in other versions are those of recordings or transcripts of the meetings.

Microsoft Teams Essentials has been designed, according to the company, thinking about the needs of small companies that due to the pandemic of the last two years have gone through very difficult times. Therefore, the subscription price will be relatively low: only $ 4 per month for each user, which is a striking price to be an alternative to Zoom or Google Meet, its main competition in the segment.

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