Tuesday, October 19

Tears of Spanish nationalists

Puigdemont is arrested in Sardinia. The cave celebrates, hubbub and racket in the extreme center, enthusiasm unleashed in Chavesnogalismo. Bustos celebrates the Italian-Spanish brotherhood and elevates the Supreme as guarantor of the great and free to the altars. Amun praises Llarena as the constant and silent hero who catches the wretch. The hymn sounds in their houses, powerful and cipotudo, with an imagined epic letter in which the seditious fall for the glory and grace of their robed thirds. They rush the bourbon and they close their final paragraph. Puigdemont locked up, the Government will fall. The first of the national journalism prepare the sentence. They release Puigdemont, the milk spills like the tears of the Spanish nationalists.

Edgar Straehle brought us a quote from Giambattista Vico that serves in a somewhat cruel way to show the jacaranda incontinence of those who celebrated the arrest of Carles Puigdemont without having much knowledge of what it meant: “Men, ignorant of the natural causes that produce the things, when they cannot explain them even by similar things, they attribute their own nature to things. ”

Illusory thinking has been the heritage of the independence world for many years, but more and more it is being transferred to the Spanish nationalist world that only conceives of conflict, confrontation and revenge as a way to settle political differences with a part of Catalonia that they do not understand. and to which they only want dominated.

Before understanding the legal mess, all the analyzes on the arrest of Puigdemont that predicted the end of the government are based on a repressed desire. The national reactionary already had the roadmap, Puigdemont would be tried in Spain immediately, which would end the dialogue table and by transfer with the coalition government. The reality is that this analysis showed more the illusion that the Sardinian Police movement made them destroy everything that the nationalist deflammation has achieved than what the facts show. Not twelve hours have that troubled diagnosis lasted them, which confused their wet dreams with the path taken by politics in Catalonia.

If something has become clear during the lost five years of the process, it is that the dialogue separates the independence movement and facilitates coexistence, while the conflict unites them until they become hegemonic in Catalonia. They are interested in this constant uproar, because it inflames the foundations of Spanish nationalism in the rest of the regions. Whoever wants a Spain without conflict between nationalists has to advocate for dialogue, the end of repression and the recognition by the independentists that the unilateral way only serves to embolden fascism and the desire for revenge of the Deep State. That is why neither JxC nor Vox want anyone to sit down and talk, because it is the gasoline they need to survive.

From the Spanish reaction I have never expected more than pain and betrayal, from the Catalan, from Puigdemont, I only hope that it does the least possible damage to the coexistence between equals, and that is achieved by letting the gentleman do his folkloric things for Sardinia without Nobody pays too much attention to it, living well in Waterloo at the expense of those who buy the republic card and the genuflections of their knockers, wasting time as an MEP. Puigdemont going around Europe. A right-wing man doing his right-wing things without disturbing too much, because more damage is done to Spain by arresting him and judging him with the gall and anger of llarenas and marchenas than letting him live in peace. There will be time to do justice when the bunkering of the robes is democratized.


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