Wednesday, December 7

Tebet, the third most voted candidate in the Brazilian elections, announces her support for Lula in the second round

Brazilian senator Simone Tebet, third in the presidential election with 4.16% of the vote, announced this Wednesday her support for former president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva for the second round of elections to be held on October 30.

“I will give my vote” to Lula because “I recognize his commitment to democracy and the Constitution,” Tebet said in a speech in the city of São Paulo, in which he stressed that despite the fact that some colleagues in the ranks asked him to remain neutral , cannot be “omitted” at this “so serious” moment in the history of Brazil, a country “divided by hate speech, ideological polarization and power disputes”.

He has stressed that until the day of the elections he will continue “on the street”, “vigilant”, because he considers that Brazil needs to be “rebuilt” after almost four years of the Bolsonaro government, in which the country “was left at the stake.” of hatred and denial” of the coronavirus pandemic. However, he has reiterated his criticism of Lula, especially for calling for a useful vote in the first round “without presenting concrete proposals” to solve the country’s problems.

Tebet has linked his support to the inclusion of several of his proposals, including eliminating the waiting list in early childhood education; also put an end to tests and surgeries delayed by COVID-19; and solve the problems of the most indebted families. He has also asked Lula to form a cabinet “plural, with men, women, blacks, people with disabilities, having competence, ethics and the will to serve as requirements.”

The standard-bearer of the Brazilian Democratic Movement (MDB, center-right) was the great surprise of the first round and her votes (five million) could be decisive for Lula, who will compete for the Presidency with the current far-right ruler, Jair Bolsonaro.

On Tuesday, the Democratic Labor Party (PDT), which nominated former minister Ciro Gomes for the presidency of Brazil, also announced its support for Lula da Silva. The president of the PDT, Carlos Lupi, pointed out after a meeting of the party’s leadership that it was “unanimously” decided to support “what is closest, which is Lula’s candidacy”, against that of President Bolsonaro.

Lula won the first round last Sunday with 48.4% of the vote, compared to 43.2% for the far-right Bolsonaro. Ciro Gomes, who was third in all the polls, was finally in fourth place with 3.04%, behind the center-right senator Simone Tebet, third with 4.16%.