Friday, March 31

#TechForUkraine: the site that wants to help Ukrainian NGOs | Digital Trends Spanish

This Thursday, February 24, Russian troops began the attack on the border with Ukraine. For this reason, many organizations warn that the inhabitants of this country will have to face serious material and economic consequences.

Now the Tech to the Rescue group is launching a campaign to help Ukrainian NGOs. Is about #TechforUkrainea project with which they invite companies in the technological field to offer their knowledge and infrastructure to Ukrainian organizations.

“NGOs are at the heart of civil society in Ukraine. Although the age of digitization has arrived, charities are still far behind private companies and state institutions. Weak security systems, outdated software, and a lack of user-friendly UI and UX make it difficult to function. site of the initiative.

Thus, some of the projects that are part of the project seek to improve cybersecurity, increase security in messaging services, in addition to facilitating economic contributions.

Companies that are interested in participating can contact the organization to make known in which sectors they can help. For its part, Tech for Ukraine sends a list of projects that may be of interest to companies.

If the company agrees, a kind of contract is signed where it commits to help by means of an economic contribution.

Those who want to be part of this initiative can visit the Tech for Ukraine site and fill out a form to be contacted by those in charge.

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