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Technological immortality: the yearning of an 11-year-old physicist | Digital Trends Spanish

Laurent Simons has made headlines in recent days for his premature and well-deserved achievement: he is 11 years old and has just graduated from the University of Antwerp in Belgium with a degree in physics.

“I don’t mind being the youngest. For me, everything consists of acquiring knowledge “, said the minor in an interview with the local newspaper By Telegraaf.

Almost as surprising as the news of his degree has been the goal that Laurent has with all the knowledge acquired. In the same interview, the boy mentioned that he intends to live forever by becoming a cyborg.

Laurent Simons.

To achieve this, it intends to replace some of its organs with mechanical parts in order to achieve the desired immortality.

“This is the first piece of the puzzle of my goal of substituting body parts for mechanical parts,” Simons told By Telegraaf.

“I want to be able to replace as many body parts as possible with mechanical parts. I have mapped out a path to achieve it. It can be seen as a great puzzle ”.

As part of his plan, the young man intends to study quantum physics at the same university.

“Two things are important in a study of this type: acquiring knowledge and applying it,” Simons told the newspaper. “To get the latter, I want to work with the best teachers in the world, look inside their brains and find out how they think.”

Meanwhile, a spokesman for the University of Antwerp explained that Laurent Simons has already started some courses in the postgraduate program and will officially begin his master’s degree after the summer.

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