Thursday, December 8

Teenage Engineering and his little turntable that is great | Digital Trends Spanish

One of those exceptional gadgets is what the factory created Teenage Engineeringwith the little turntable and vinyl track maker, PO-80, which allows you to create your own 5″ vinyl records and play them in lo-fi sound.

As Wikipedia maintains«Teenage Engineering is a Swedish consumer electronics company and manufacturer founded in 2005 by Jesper Kouthoofd, David Eriksson, Jens Rudberg and David Möllerstedt and headquartered in Stockholm. Its products include electronics and synthesizers, its main product being the OP-1, as well as instant cameras.

The PO-80 is also a collaboration between Teenage Engineering, designer Yuri Suzuki, and Japanese educational toy manufacturer Gakken.

For $149, the USB-powered PO-80 includes a built-in speaker, an additional cutting stylus, six blank five-inch vinyl records, and a 3.5-millimeter audio jack for connecting an audio source like a synthesizer. PocketOperator. Teenage Engineering also sells a bunch of accessories including a carrying case for $59, replacement styluses for $15 each, and a pack of 10 blank discs for $20.

For those who expect “the optimum sound quality for their recordings”, Teenage Engineering also has created an online mastering tool which “applies the desired equalization curve to your music and makes it easier to achieve good lo-fi sound quality on your custom 5” vinyl.

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