Saturday, June 10

Telefónica and Viscofan join forces to equip the first factory in the food sector with 5G technology

Today the institutional act was held with the inauguration of the 5G coverage network as a result of the alliance between Viscofan and Telefonica to equip its production center in Cáseda (Navarra) with 5G coverage, so that it becomes the first Spanish industrial company in the sector food industry with this technology in its factories. This strategy will allow the Navarrese multinational to begin the development of its “intelligent” factories and thus advance in its digitization.

In this first phase, Telefónica will distribute 5G infrastructure and connectivity throughout the Cáseda industrial complex to adequately cover all points. The deployment is done in the 3.5Ghz band. NSA. Likewise, secure accesses will be created between the local network and the operator’s network to ensure communications.

The initiative has also had the collaboration of the Government of Navarra, through the Department of University, Innovation and Digital Transformation, which promoted the execution of the project, provided its resources and five months ago considered this project to be of “foral interest” due to its “special relevance for the economic, social or territorial development of the Foral Community”. This planning was included in the “Food Chain” area of ​​the Smart Strategy in Navarra.

Viscofan, with this digital transformation policy in collaboration with Telefónica, lays the foundations for the implementation of the differential capabilities of 5G, such as greater bandwidth and network capacity, minimum latency or more capacity for connected devices. These characteristics, together with other technologies such as edge computing or augmented reality, will make it possible to implement specific uses in the Viscofan factory in a second phase starting in early 2022.

Thus, some of these use cases that will allow Viscofan to optimize its processes and move towards Industry 4.0 thanks to 5G they could include the automation of goods movements; the monitoring of critical elements to anticipate possible incidents in production or remote supervision through Augmented Reality.

The opening ceremony held today was attended by the President of the Government of Navarra, María Chivite, and the Minister of University, Innovation and Digital Transformation of the Government of Navarra, Juan Cruz Cigudosa. The Group CEO, José Antonio Canales, and the General Manager of Viscofan Spain, Jesús Calavia, were present on behalf of the Viscofan Group. On behalf of Telefónica, the Director of Northern Territory of Telefónica Spain, Manuel Ángel Alonso, the Manager of Large Accounts of Telefónica Spain, Manuel Herrero, and the Director of Telefónica Spain in Navarra, Roberto Mercero, attended.

The President Maria Chivite has indicated that the Government of Navarra “is fully aware of the importance of advancing and making progress in achieving the best connectivity in our community, in incorporating the latest technologies, a path in which we are working together with the business fabric, promoting synergies and close collaborations so that the digitization and digital transformation process is the most complete, fast and accessible possible”, while the Minister of University, Innovation and Digital Transformation, Juan Cruz Cigudosa, has described this project as “leading”, while which has considered as relevant the tractor effect that it can suppose for the industry and, in particular, for the Navarra food sector, given that other companies could follow this practical example, promoting their transformation and digitization.

As highlighted Manuel Angel Alonso: “This project makes Viscofan one of the pioneering industrial companies to implement 5G in its factories and the first in the Navarra Community as a basis for its digitalization and future evolution towards an increasingly intelligent and flexible factory. We thank Viscofan for its trust in Telefónica so that its plant is the natural setting for the development of 5G with a deployment that places it in the field of Industry 4.0”

For your part Jesus Calavia, CEO of Viscofan in Spain, he pointed out: “The implementation of 5G in our facilities will allow us to advance even faster in our digitization process, helping us to better understand and provide a faster and more accurate response to the production challenges we face. The technological complexity of our production process, together with our dedication to service and continuous improvement, entails a constant search for the most advanced technology available. Locating 5G networks away from urban centers is a challenge that Telefónica has been a pioneer in addressing, allowing the industry not to miss the opportunity to digitize”