Monday, May 29

Telefónica rescues the IBEX 35 in the midst of the Ukraine crisis

The editors of They break down the keys of the day together with the experts and the most solvent sources in the sector. This episode features Rentamarkets’ director of markets, Ignacio Albizuri. The impact of the economic sanctions announced by London on Moscow as a result of the Ukraine crisis, as well as the Fed meeting, are the focus of the day’s analysis. The updated values ​​are Telefónica, IAG and Banco Santander.

Transcript Summary

The geopolitical tension in Ukraine seems to be the black swan that no one expected. What implications does this conflict have for the market and for investors?

We have seen extreme volatility in the stock markets and weak macro data in recent sessions. Do you think the Fed could soften its message tomorrow in view of what has happened?

The IBEX 35 started the year well, but is already in annual losses. How do you see the Spanish team? Weaker than expected?

Telephone. This week has started very encouraged by the prospects for sector consolidation. How do you see value? Could this be the year of recovery?

IAG also started very well, but got stuck at 2 euros and has collapsed. Do you think you can come back? Will the business bring good news and will it be able to put an end to the pandemic?

Santander Bank. Interest in Citi’s division in Mexico has raised questions. If in the end he buys the business, the market assumes that he would raise capital. How do you see the bank and the operation?

What do you expect from the results of the Spanish listed companies? Where do you think investors will focus?

Fixed income again poses many challenges for investors this year. Where can they look for profitability?


  • Ukraine and the markets
  • Waiting for the Fed
  • IBEX 35 analysis
  • Telefónica, year of recovery?
  • IAG falls apart
  • Banco Santander, expansion?
  • Challenges for fixed income

episode credits

  • Director: Ismael Garcia Villarejo
  • Production: Jose Jimenez
  • Production: Covadonga Lacruz
  • Recorded in Madrid on January 25, 2022