Thursday, May 19

Telegram is updated for better downloads and live streaming | Digital Trends Spanish

Tools to control downloads, share documents and rearrange multimedia albums promises the latest update of Telegram. The messaging app has even ventured to offer to turn any channel into a professional TV station.

Through its download manager you can send files of any type up to 2 GB. The company reported that will be accessible “from any device, with unlimited storage in the cloud”.

During downloads a new icon will appear in the search bar; touching it or going to the tab pauses and resumes them. Now, it is possible to select one to increase its priority or see it in the chat, he detailed.

There will also be a new attached menu, which will allow you to preview the content in the chat, as well as rearrange or delete them. This section was redesigned “completely” in iOS, to catch up with Android. Meanwhile, the updated Files tab shows recently sent files and displays a search by name.

The in-app camera option is now beautifully integrated into the gallery, and a new navigation bar provides quick access to photos, files, shared location, and more.

Among the purely graphical novelties are the transparent header and the login interface.

From now on, any user can create a unique @username from the Settings page. That way, it’s simple to contact you without sharing your phone number through Search or your The update also allows you to create a direct link to the mobile number that instantly opens a chat.

For live streams, the messaging app supports video with unlimited viewers. “We realized that professional bloggers and journalists are increasingly using Telegram live broadcasts to reach their subscribers,” said the firm created by brothers Nikolai and Pavel Durov.

The feature is compatible with streaming tools like OBS Studio and XSplit Broadcaster, to add multi-screen layouts and overlays with ease. According to the company, it “turns any Telegram channel into a professional TV station”.

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