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Telegram premium: these are the 13 functions that it will offer | Digital Trends Spanish

In December 2021, the owner of TelegramPavel Durov announced that the messaging service would launch a premium feature for content creators and users.

Details of the new premium plan were leaked on Tuesday from a closed beta of Telegram for iOS on the Russian channel. Beta Info. According to screenshots leaked by Beta Info, Telegram Premium will cost $4.99 per month and will allow access to the following advantages over the free version.

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13 functions that Telegram Premium will offer:

  • Double all limits: Up to 1000 channels, 20 chat folders, 10 pinned chats, 4 accounts in one app, 200 pinned chats within a folder, 20 public links for channels and groups, 10 favorite stickers and 400 GIFs.
  • 4 GB file upload: The free version of Telegram currently allows the upload of individual files up to 2 GB.
  • More characters in the biography: You can use 140 characters in your profile bio instead of 70 in the free version.
  • More characters in image descriptions: You can write longer descriptions on your photos and videos.
  • Faster downloads: Unlimited speeds for downloads of multimedia files and documents.
  • Voice to text: Automatic transcription of voice messages.
  • No advertising: No more ads on public channels.
  • Exclusive reactions: Additional animated reactions for messages.
  • premium stickers: Bigger exclusive stickers with additional effects and monthly updates.
  • Advanced chat management: Tools to set default folder, auto-archive and hide new chats from non-contacts.
  • Profile badge: A badge next to your name will distinguish your support for Telegram.
  • Animated profile pictures: Animated avatars in chat lists and in chats to expand your capacity for self-expression.
  • Premium icons for the app: You will be able to choose from a selection of icons for the Telegram app on your home screen.

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