Wednesday, January 19

Telegram prepares a function so that you do not read spoilers | Digital Trends Spanish

The premiere of the successful Spider-Man: No way home has once again put on the table a topic that concerns all of us who look at the internet every day: spoilers are a terrible practice, yes, but sometimes you just want to communicate and tell how well the policy was without hurting susceptibilities. In Telegram they know it and that is why they are working on a function so that their platform is a place free of spoilers.

The function has not yet been officially communicated by Telegram, so all we know comes from a post on the Reddit forums. There it is shown that when writing a message, the user must simply select it and mark it as a spoiler so that the recipients of a group chat can choose whether they want to see it or not. If the message is marked as a spoiler, chat participants will see it blurred and can only see it legibly if they choose to do so.

As you can see, the feature is quite simple and, we consider, it is quite fair, since it allows freedom of expression to flow like the human right that it is without ruining the plot of the fashion movie for those who still do not have the fortune to see it.

If Telegram ends up implementing this function, it would set an example for other messaging platforms and especially social networks, where spoilers have become a common practice in the face of great premieres in the world of entertainment. How do we imagine this function in, for example, Twitter? Perhaps it would be enough to add a filter that indicates that the user does not want to see absolutely nothing of topics like Spider-Man: No way home, Matrix: Resurrections Y The Book of Boba Fett.

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