Wednesday, December 8

Telegram will allow users not to see advertising in the application in exchange for a “cheap subscription”

Advertising has already reached Telegram. At the end of last month the application launched the sponsored posts, a kind of word-of-mouth ads that appear on mass channels (those public one-to-many channels with more than a thousand followers) that, as explained by the creator of the app, Pavel Durov, can be removed in exchange for a subscription.

As Durov explained in your official Telegram channel (in Russian), “many users have suggested to introduce the option to disable the ads”, so they have finally taken action. The show will arrive this month, but will mean paying an “economic subscription” whose price, for now, is unknown.

Ads or subscription, the user depends

In Durov’s words, They have already started working on this feature and hope to launch it this month. “It can be issued in the form of an economic subscription, which will allow any user to financially and directly support the development of Telegram and never see official announcements on the channels.”

On the other hand, the founder of the app has explained that some channel authors they will be able to deactivate the ads on their channels for all users. They are currently calculating the economic aspects of this option (it is not yet explained whether the channel owners will have to pay to deactivate the ads or not), but it will soon be available. According to Durov:

“Soon, advertisers will be able to place an ‘invisible’ ad on any channel, which – as long as there is enough display value – will cause no ads on that channel.”

Finally, it should be remembered that although there will be advertisements on mass channels, Telegram promises that “will not show ads in chat, private conversation or group lists“According to the company itself, advertising will only affect large channels, which are” services that already have advertising and whose support involves the highest costs by Telegram. “

When it comes to your most powerful rival, WhatsApp, is expected to have publicity at some point. Already in 2019 there was talk that the app would start showing ads in 2020, something that finally did not come. What can be done is a campaign through Facebook Ads to create click ads to WhatsApp, something designed for WhatsApp Business and business.