Wednesday, November 30

Telemadrid spent more on the resignation of Mónica Oltra than on the coverage of the elections in Andalusia

The accusation of the vice president of the Generalitat Valenciana Mónica Oltra for the management that her department made of a complaint of abuse of a minor in care generated great interest on public television in Madrid. The regional network Telemadrid carried out extensive coverage of the imputation and resignation of the also head of Equality and Inclusive Policies and leader of Compromís, sending several teams to the press conferences of the Executive spokesperson upon learning of the decision of the Valencian Superior Court of Justice .

Mónica Oltra resigns to save the Valencian Government

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Madrid’s public television allocated more funds to monitoring Oltra’s political future after the court summons than to the elections in Andalusia and Castilla y León. This follows from the data provided by the public corporation in a parliamentary response to the Socialist Group in the Madrid Assembly, whose deputy spokesperson, Pilar Sánchez, requested them to know the broadcasts outside the regional sphere.

The Madrid public corporation allocated more than 3,000 euros to monitoring the information on the number two of the Valencian Government, while the coverage of the Andalusian elections cost, according to this writing, 2,095 euros, with two television teams and two editors sent. For the elections in which Alfonso Fernández Mañueco’s PP was victorious, television sent a television team with two editors, at a declared cost of 2,899 euros. At the inauguration of the president they sent a broadcast team with an editor, at a cost of 428 euros.

The coverage of the press conference of the Valencian Executive was broadcast live from the headquarters of the Consell spokesperson, where Telemadrid sent an ENG team with a 4G broadcast backpack and a writer, at a cost of 1,112.33 euros. The next one, with a team with the same characteristics, cost 2,054.

The expenses contributed by the public entity appear under the concepts “imputation of the Valencian Generalitat vice-president” and “resignation of the Valencian Generalitat vice-president” and the date or days of the coverage are not stated in the document. The request for imputation occurred on June 10, the acceptance of the Valencian TSJ, on June 16; the first press conference of the head of Equality was on June 17 and the resignation, announced at the Compromís headquarters, four days later, on June 21. Between these last two episodes, a Compromís electoral political act was held, with the participation of the still vice president.

In the writing there is no further breakdown of the expense. It should be remembered that, like the rest of the public channels, the corporation has access to the contents of FORTA, free of charge, and feeds on the audiovisual pieces of the state news agencies. The information on the political-judicial development as a result of Oltra’s accusation was accompanied by several pieces with questions to the president of the Generalitat Valenciana, Ximo Puig, evaluations of judicial associations on the political defense of the former number two, which they considered “an attempt to delegitimize the court”, and the chain even carried out a poll, broadcast on its website, which asked viewers if the then vice president should resign when imputed. For months, the Assembly of the Community of Madrid has debated the partiality of the chain, with a board of directors with a conservative majority, on some issues. The United We Can group challenged the election of the councilors for considering it “a cacicada” of the president of the community, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, of the PP.