Sunday, January 29

Telemedicine, the service that connects you with health

The service is downloaded through a free application, available for iOS or Android, with an adaptable configuration for smartphones, tablets, desktop PCs and notebooks. In this way, in the context of the Pandemic, Paramedic Connect reduced the risk of contagion, avoiding the concentration of people in Health Institutions. In addition, today it is a care alternative for those patients who live in isolated geographical areas and cannot access face-to-face medical consultations, those who are outside the country or those who prefer this type of consultation due to its simplicity and agility. We believe that with this initiative we contribute to reducing inequalities in access to health services, a goal established by the World Health Organization (WHO).

What resources are required?

As mentioned above, the application (developed by Grupo Paramedic) is easily downloaded and this allows for rapid updating of content based on technological changes and medical updates established by care protocols. There is an exclusive group of medical professionals for the care of these patients.

How does the service work?

After registering in the application, you access a menu of symptoms that allows you to carry out a self-triage and provide relevant information to the doctors who will carry out the consultation. Then you access a virtual waiting room, where you wait a few moments for the attention to be specified.

It should be noted that Paramedic was the first company in Latin America to achieve ISO 9001/2015 certification, which guarantees excellence in the quality of this service.


How did Paramedic reinvent itself to maintain the bond with the patient?

Being a video call service, visual contact is established that greatly favors the development of the consultation, even facilitating the observation that the medical professional must make, which generates a better diagnosis and patient support. Once the consultation is over, the digital clinical history is saved, which will serve as a permanent reference for both the patient and the doctor. In case the patient requires a follow-up, the same application allows the doctor to generate the shift schedule.

What benefits does telemedicine provide to patients? already Paramedic?

Through telemedicine it is possible for the patient to carry out most medical consultations quickly and easily.

It should be noted that those who use this service later adopt it as a regular form of consultation thanks to the comfort and confidence it provides.

For Paramedic, it is a safe, fast and simple service that provides the same functionalities as a face-to-face visit because it includes the history of care with a diagnosis, care certificates, issuance of electronic prescriptions, epidemiological files and, if necessary, study orders. . In other words, the system allows the medical professional to carry out comprehensive patient care.

Although telemedicine is a new form of care for non-complex pathologies, we know that it cannot replace the medical act/medical emergencies. Therefore, through the video call, the professional has sufficient information to determine if the patient requires face-to-face care. Without a doubt, telemedicine is here to stay, and it works as a complement to our main activity, which is emergency medicine, and even constitutes an additional channel for both the observation and follow-up of our patients.

How can you access this service?

The application is intended for patients of Prepaid Medicine, Social Works and Protected Areas, or those who have a Paramedic Life or Life Plus Plan, which also offer other benefits such as comprehensive emergency and medical emergency care, CPR courses, physical fitness at home, and home service and protected car.

Paramedic Connect is the result of the constant adaptation of Grupo Paramedic services to the technological advances of Modern Medicine.

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