Wednesday, March 22

TelevisaUnivisión after Netflix, Amazon and Disney

TELEVISA AND UNIVISION they allied themselves in what is their most daring operation to compete with American platforms such as Netflix, Amazon, Disney and Hulu, among others.

The calculations of Televisa and Univisión are that the Hispanic market has barely 10% coverage on OTT platforms, while in the rest of the continents that percentage is above 60%.

So there is an important mass of audience to be “captured” and it is where this consortium that leads Emilio Azcarraga Jean and his new American partner see his opportunity.

But they do not go alone, because the business plan and as partners includes the relevant Japanese bank SoftBank and the technological giant Google, which has attracted favorable attention among financial analysts.

TelevisaUnivisión will also focus on making content in just one language: Spanish, while the other platforms divide their budget to make content in more than 25 languages.

Thus, for the Latin American region, no one will have more budget than TelevisaUnivisión, according to reports, and they will generate more than 100,000 hours of content per year.

Televisa has been testing its own Blim platform, which is in 18 countries. But it also advertised content that has been successful on Amazon Prime and Netflix. So you know how platforms work.

The command lines of the new company have already been defined and include, in the content part, executives from Televisa and Univisión, but there are many who have been pirated from Netflix, Hulu and Discovery.

It seems that they are very serious in a cross-border competition. We’ll see how it goes, but it has already been made public that their new platform will be presented at a virtual event on February 16.

JOSE ANTONIO FERNANDEZ CARBAJAL He opted for a low profile and for refraining from making positions of any kind this six-year term. Prudent attitude, considering that Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador He has identified the “Devil” as one of his adversaries and that Femsa is one of his favorite villains. The harassment to which this group is subjected has already begun to permeate the royal community. The inhabitants of the state that governs Samuel Garcia they appreciate the value of the brand and the benefit it brings to the community. According to the Latinometrics statistics platform, Oxxo is already Femsa’s largest business, above its Coca-Cola division, with an estimated value of 2.4 billion dollars, 100 million more than the soft drink company. If the 20,000 stores it has in Mexico were in the United States, Oxxo would be the second chain with the most points, only behind Subway, which has 24,154, and above the Dollar General chain, with 17,266, and Starbucks, with 15 thousand 444. For Q4 courage, there will soon be Oxxos in Chile and Colombia.

ANOTHER EDGE OF disorder of the aeronautical sector is the Aeromar case. It seems that Interjet put the sample of what the route of other airlines can be, as the case of the one that it directs Daniel Correa. Because the airline never paid the SAT, Section 15 of the CTM in charge of Joaquin del Olmo the strike broke out under the argument that this guaranteed the payment of wage arrears to the workers. Labor litigation can take years while Miguel Aleman Magnani lives happily in France without the authorities being able to do anything: neither the company flies nor the pupils of Rachel They recover the taxes. Now Aeromar has taken the same route: today the flight attendants’ union that it leads Richard of the Valley strike could break out and prevent the owner of that regional airline, Zvi Katz, pay the taxes you owe, while living in Israel far removed from the penalty without the workers being able to collect the debts that have been pending for months.

NO DATE FOR that a project be raised again to the plenary in order to grant or not the concession for pay television to Claro Video, América Móvil hopes that soon the Federal Telecommunications Institute, which presides over Adolfo Cuevas, give the green light to launch your 5G network. Last December AT&T, which chairs Monica Asper, announced its 5G service with the expectation of having coverage in the main cities of the country by 2024. However, the scope at the moment is for the Cuauhtémoc and Napoles neighborhoods of Mexico City, which governs Claudia Sheinbaum. As is known, the 5G network requires a much larger deployment of equipment than the normal network, hence it is essentially urban. Considering the complexity and extension of the national territory, it is a fact that the only telecommunications company with the capacity to carry out this development as soon as possible is América Móvil, which directs Daniel Hajj.