Wednesday, March 22

Television guitarist Tom Verlaine dies at 73

The leader and guitarist of the New York punk music group Television Tom Verlaine has died this Saturday in New York at the age of 73, as confirmed by local media.

The death was announced by Jesse Paris Smith, daughter of Verlaine’s former colleague Patti Smith, who did not specify the cause of death and limited herself to reporting that she died after a “brief illness”, according to the newspaper. The New York Times.

Verlaine founded in New York with Richard Meyers, later known as Richard Hell, the band Neon Boys, which in 1973 became Television, a group that would publish two albums: “Marquee Moon” and “Adventure”, before dissolving.

In those early years of the 1970s, Television was one of the groups that performed at the Manhattan CBGB concert hall, where The Ramones, Patti Smith and Talking Heads also performed on stage.

After the breakup of the band, Verlaine continued a solo career and in 1979 released “Kingdom Come”, the first of eight solo works.

“I have lost a hero…. You introduced me to a world that turned my life upside down. I will be eternally grateful to you ”, he has published on Twitter REM singer Michael Stipeone of the many artists who today expressed their sorrow for the death of the musician.