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Tell me what your house is like and I’ll tell you what to heat it with (without ruining you)

The rise in gas puts it at the highest level. The price of electricity already shot up before the summer and at the end of October it reached its new all-time high, and threatens further increases if the current auction system persists and the relationship between Algeria and Morocco does not improve.

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In addition, although the autumn for the moment remains benign in terms of temperatures, they are not ruled out possible cold spells like last January. Finally, the price of the butane cylinder in September reached its highest point in six years.

With these wickers, winter is the least expensive, so now is perhaps the time to reflect on the best system to heat our home, we may even have several types of heating at the same time and we want to know which one we will use. get cheaper.

For example, we may have the heat pumps that in summer we use for air conditioning, as well as radiators of water, electric hobs or even butane stoves. What is the cheapest?

It depends on the type of winter we suffer -if it is cold, it is cold and the cost shoots up yes or yes-, but also on the type of house we live in; whether it is a large or small apartment, with high or low ceilings, if it is well insulated, if it is a large duplex house with numerous rooms, etc.

Below we explain the best heating system according to the type of house.

Chalet or semi-detached duplex

Normally this type of building has a boiler, generally gasoline or pellets, sometimes gas, which heats a radiator circuit. It is not the cheapest system, of course, especially if we do not the proper maintenance of radiators, which can be filled with air and therefore not very efficient.

The problem with this type of house is the ghost rooms where no one enters or only does it at night to sleep. Although we make the right decision to close the radiators in these rooms, so that they do not heat up without rhyme or reason, the hot water reaches them and returns, losing calories on the way. In addition, if the house is old, they are usually poorly insulated.

In this type of house it is better take advantage of the heat pump system -as long as they are not excessively old-, or install them in the main rooms to use them in summer as air conditioning and in winter to warm up.

Current heat pumps work with Inverter technology, which is optimized by offering 2.5 to 5 times more energy -in the form of heat- than it uses, which represents significant savings.

If heat pumps are available in bedrooms and main rooms, all you have to do is program them to turn on in the rooms shortly before going to bed and maintain a minimum temperature.

Meanwhile, the main pump may be working in the living room if the room is large. Now this system does not work in extreme climatesSince when it produces cold outside to be able to send heat inside, layers of ice usually form in the compressors, with which the system stops until they melt.

For example, this Daikin air conditioning model Siesta ATXC35B R-32, of 12,000 BTU, that heats rooms of up to 20 square meters if the climate is not very cold.

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Medium flat in urban area

If we live in a medium-sized apartment -between 60 and 100 square meters- in the urban area of ​​a town, we can consider the use of water circuit heating with gas boiler, since we do not have to heat excessive square meters nor do we have abundant ghost rooms. Although we do have them, it is important to have the radiators closed.

At the price of gas, we will not obtain any savings but we will obtain the comfort of having less dry and irritating heat for mucous membranes and skin, without excessive spending. It is enough that we leave the thermostat at a limited temperature – over 20ºC, for example – while we are away from home.

Or even that we remove it until our return in the case of our house is oriented to the southeast and is warm. In case of living in excessively cold weather, gas will not be an economical solution and it will be convenient to look for other systems.

As for example the electric hobs, which we will only put in the rooms we occupy, combined with a hot air heater for when we are in the bathroom or kitchen.

The problem with plates is that they take time to heat up the rooms, which implies that they should be kept to a minimum during the hours that we are out, so as not to find the house too cold when we return. An example of plates at a good value for money is this Cecotec Low Consumption Electric Radiator Ready Warm 1.2 kW and capable of heating a room of up to 15 square meters.

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Loft floor

However, if our apartment is smaller or loft-type, with little compartmentalization, we may be interested in using a heat pump, since the diffusion of the hot air will optimize the distribution of calories and, therefore, savings. If the pump is Inverter and the climate is not excessively cold, the savings can be greatly noticed.

Heat pump not a suitable system for floors with high ceilingsSince hot air tends to concentrate in the upper layers and blocks the sensor, giving the false feeling that the room is hot when it is not, so that we will have to spend more energy to heat the lower layers.

If we have this problem, we can use a fan to promote air convection. Another solution may be to use a low consumption electric radiator like this Gridinlux, which can also be controlled by a mobile application thanks to its Wi-Fi connectivity.

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Study or room

Finally, if we live in a small studio or a rented room from which the costs of the energy consumed accrue to us, we can use the heat pump if we have it, since it will give us good savings in case of being an Inverter. Now, it will leave us an excessively dry environment that we will have to compensate with a humidifier, with which savings are no longer worth it.

Another much more economical and practical alternative is the butane stoves, which heat small spaces very quickly and represent the cheapest source of energy, since the price of the butane cylinder is between 16 and 19 euros.

If our study is well protected and properly insulated, this system may be the one that comes out the most, although we must bear in mind that it is a type of heating to be used at the moment, which creates a heat that is little retained. and that we can’t leave it on while we’re gone.

For example, you can use this butane stove Orbegozo HBF 90, with, triple security system, Blue flame and a power of 4.2 kW. It has a heating coverage of 20 to 30 square meters.

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