Wednesday, August 10

Temporary WhatsApp messages are now a little more powerful: these are all the news that arrive

Last year WhatsApp introduced temporary messages, one of the most interesting options for sending messages that self-destruct after a certain time. Shortly after, applied this same philosophy to photos and videos and now the company has announced new options to make them a little more powerful.

Specifically, WhatsApp has launched two new functions: the default temporary messages and more duration options. Both should be available on both iOS and Android, although it may take a few days for it to reach all devices. With that said, let’s see how they work.

Now you read me, now you don’t

We start with the default temporary messages. Until now, this option had to be activated chat by chat and the messages sent in it disappeared after seven days. From now on, WhatsApp users will be able to turn on temp messages by default in all new chats.

What does that mean? That if we activate the function (it is optional), all the messages that we send in the new conversations that we create will be preset to disappear after a certain time. In addition, WhatsApp has added a new option so that, when we create group chats, this function can be activated in said groups.

On the other hand, the second novelty, which is really a complement for temporary messages, are two new durations. From now on, we can configure the messages to be deleted after seven days, but also in 24 hours or in 90 days. It is up to each user to decide the duration.

Now we can configure the temporary messages to be deleted in a day, a week or three months

Those who decide to activate temporary messages by default will see a message in their chats that inform the participants that that is the selected setting. “In this way, it is clear that your choice applies to all your conversations on WhatsApp from that moment on and that it is not something personal with anyone,” they explain from WhatsApp.

Finally, it should be noted that if we have temporary messages activated by default, but there is a chat that we want to keep, we can do it from the settings of each specific chat.