Thursday, September 16

Ten civilians killed in Sunday’s US attack in Kabul on a terrorist target

Correspondent in New York



Ten civilians, including various minors, were killed in the US attack on a terrorist target last Sunday in Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan.

In it, an American drone launched a rocket at a car loaded with explosives and that was ready to attack the airport of Acceptance, as happened last Thursday, when a suicide bomber killed about 170 Afghans and thirteen US military personnel.

The Central Command of the US Army assured that the car bomb posed an “imminent” threat to the Kabul airport, where the US is completing its evacuation from Afghanistan.

It was the second attack against terrorist targets after the attack, the responsibility of which was claimed by Islamic State-Khorasan and after which the president of the USA, Joe BidenHe assured those responsible: “We will hunt you down and we will make you pay for it.”

The first retaliation was an attack on two members of the terrorist group in Jalalabad, a city in eastern Afghanistan. “It won’t be the last,” Biden warned of the operation against terrorist targets.

In that attack, the US assured that there were no civilian casualties. In the case of the rocket versus the car bomb in Kabul, it looks different. “We know that there is information on civilian casualties,” the Central Command acknowledged in a statement. “We would be very sorry for the possible loss of innocent lives.”

Loaded with explosives

Relatives, survivors and neighbors assured “The New York Times” that the attack caused the death of ten civilians, including seven minors. According to the New York newspaper, Zemari Ahmadi, who worked for the charity Nutrition and Education International, returned home from work Sunday by car. At the entrance of the house that he shares with his three brothers and their families, some came to greet him.

At that moment the drone hit the vehicle, a Toyota Corolla. According to Ahmadi’s relatives, some died in the vicinity of the car; others in rooms of the house close to the explosion.

This Monday, the spokesman for the Central Command, Captain Bill Urban, insisted that the drone it hit a valid antiterrorist target, a car loaded with explosives and that the army would investigate the reports of civilian deaths.

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