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Ten perfect gifts for travel lovers

If you are looking for a gift for that dear person who loves travel, here you can find the solution. We propose ten perfect gifts to hit the most travelers, and as the profile of the person gifted can vary, from great travelers to beginner travelers, and your budget as well, we have selected a good variety of ideas so that, with one thing or with another, you can hit the nail on the head.

We offer you games, books, useful travel accessories, ideas for the more adventurous, toys for the little ones and even solutions for parents who are starting to travel with their young children. If your budget ranges from a few euros to several hundred, take a look at this list because perhaps here you will find exactly what you were looking for.

This is a delicate gift, as it means changing the decoration of the house to that loved one, but if you think they have the perfect hole in a wall, with a wooden world map you can be right. They are usually 3D maps, with the countries in different colors and shades. Being made of wood, they allow colored pins to mark the places visited or even add photos of our trips. East of Miss wood It may be a good choice.

Taking photos of yourself when you are traveling is not easy. You can always ask someone else for a favor, but expecting the results you want is risky. A tripod can be an excellent gift for those who like to take photos in their favorite destinations, and articulated tripods are a good alternative since they can also be attached to various elements or surfaces. They are small and light, so they cannot hold heavy cameras. Of course, when choosing it make sure that they can be adapted to a mobile phone.

  • ‘TRAVEL’ by Lonely Planet

Lonely Planet are travel experts. So much so that this year they have released their own board game. ‘TRAVEL’ is a Trivia-type game with which to go around the world in a thousand questions and demonstrate traveling knowledge about nature, culture, gastronomy and adventure. With it you can travel thousands of miles with family and friends, go through 223 destinations, remember past trips or plan new ones without leaving the sofa.

  • A reusable water bottle

This is a perfect gift for travelers committed to the planet. A reusable bottle will allow us to take advantage of taps, fountains or large carafes wherever we go, without the need to constantly buy water bottles and thus save large amounts of plastic. The steel ones are the most recommended and there are those that are made of thermos, keeping the liquids both cold and hot. If they have some kind of clip to secure them to the backpack, all the better.

  • An interactive globe

Here we have a good idea for the little ones to discover the world. We give you the example of Oregon Scientific, but there are other brands like Clementoni or Diset that offer similar options. It not only serves to review geography, but also to learn curiosities both about countries and their cities and about planet Earth itself. With an electronic pen and following the directions given by the globe through its speaker, we can travel the world playing and learning.

  • A water purifying filter

This is a good idea for the more adventurous travelers, those who go into nature or travel to exotic destinations. A water filter can be a good ally when it comes to drinking unsafe water if necessary. There are those that make a straw, to drink from a container or a river, or those that are incorporated in a bottle. They are designed to eliminate practically all bacteria and protozoa that can occur in water and are considered a vital element for survival in extreme situations.

  • ‘Adventurers’, by Lonely Planet

A gift for lovers of the most authentic trips. This 288-page book published by Lonely Planet and GeoPlaneta traces the fascinating history of travel around the world by boat, plane, car, train, motorcycle, bicycle, balloon and even on foot. All accompanied by photographs, infographics, fold-out maps and interviews with its protagonists. Knowing the journey of intrepid adventurers who have marked the history of travel around the world, anyone wants to follow in their footsteps

  • A baby carriage for the plane

A fantastic idea if you want to give a good gift to traveling parents is a baby carriage that can be carried as carry-on luggage. In other words, a one-piece trolley that once folded complies with the measures that airlines require for their cabin luggage. There are not many brands that offer such small carts, but some like Babyzen, Easywalker, GB or Ergobaby offer options that pass as carry-on luggage.

Airlines are usually very rigorous when it comes to checking luggage. Sometimes they pass small excesses of weight, but sometimes not. Perhaps at home we can opt for the typical bathroom scale, but a luggage scale will be much more accurate and can also be transported to reweigh the suitcase before taking the flight back. They are inexpensive, occupy little and you can find them both digital and analog.

  • ‘How to prepare a great trip’

‘How to prepare a great trip’, by La Editorial Viajera, is an essential book for any lover of long-distance trips. Its authors, Pablo Strubell and Itziar Marcotegui, help you answer questions about transport, luggage, accommodation, documentation or how to manage money. A very useful tool if you know someone who is about to make the leap and has in mind to buy a one-way ticket.

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