Wednesday, July 6

Tencent blocks games for children with facial recognition | Digital Trends Spanish

In China, the company Tencent has announced a controversial measure: they will use facial recognition to prevent minors from spending too much time in front of a screen, playing video games.

The official announcement indicates that some minors have used some tricks to bypass the digital curfew that exists today. To do this, this new system will perform facial checks during the hours in which the best players are prohibited from playing – between 10 pm and 8 am – and for this, it will require that the users of the games are registered with their real name.

“In the accounts that we detect that have been gambling overnight for more than a predetermined period and whose username corresponds to that of an adult, we will perform a facial recognition check,” Tencent writes. And those who refuse this verification, will be considered as minors and the game session will be disconnected.

According to the company, the facial recognition system has been activated in around six million accounts and there are currently more than 60 games that use it. And they will also add the same system to their Guardian Lock, a security method that is controlled by phone; Tencent assures that there are minors who use their parents’ phones to bypass the restrictions but that will no longer be possible.

All these efforts of the company are part of what China is doing to regulate and control the time that minors spend playing video games. The aim is to avoid addictions and associated problems, and companies must take action or it will be the government itself that imposes blocks on products.

In line with the government’s interests, Tencent’s post ends by saying “kids, put your phone away and go to sleep.”

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