Friday, September 30

Tenerife: the destruction of the last oasis

El Puertito de Adeje is one of the few coastal points free of constructions and tourist overcrowding that exist in the south of Tenerife. A cove with 22 houses and a natural black sand beach. A space that is being threatened by the attempt to build a luxury tourism macroproject, which they have called Cradle of the Soul.

We started “Aquí hay una historia”, the series of sound documentaries by Carne Cruda, with Elena Gomez that takes us to this place to recount the struggle of the activists who are defending the last unexploited coastal redoubt in that area, and for months they have been encamped to protest against what they call “the Tomb of the Soul” in the south of the island.

we know Sixto Garcia Noda, president of the Heritage Association, who tells us how this is an area rich in archaeological sites and tells us about this tourism project that plans to transform 400 thousand square meters. We go to the camping STOP Cradle of the Soul where several activists have tied themselves to one of the shovels that was working on the work and we know the proposals of the Salvar el Puertito Platform from which they denounce what is happening in Adeje.

To learn about the richness of the ecosystem and the species that are at risk, we spoke with the botanical biologist, Atteneri Riverowith the marine biologist and activist, Paul Martin Y Adrian Flowers, specialized in terrestrial biodiversity and in Insular Conservation. and we meet Philip Ravin Graduated in Marine Sciences and producer of marine documentaries that recounts the consequences of overexploitation in “Salvar Tenerife”.

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