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Tenoch Huerta stars in the podcast Potato | Digital Trends Spanish

“Potato” by Wondery and Sonoro is a suspense podcast and drama where one of its main axes is loyalty. Starring Tenoch Huerta and Stephanie Sigman.

Abigail “Abi” Smith, whose mother is Mexican and her late father is white, is an Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agent who has always believed that her duty is to protect the southern border of the United States. United States, until one day his brother is deported from the US to Mexico.

On her journey to help her brother, Abi discovers more about herself and her late father, who also served as a police officer. Each episode will reveal more of the secrets that Abi’s mother kept from her about her father, helping Abi discover more about her identity as a Mexican-American woman and find her moral compass.

East podcast explores the confrontation between the naivety of an American woman and the dark reality of a lawless frontier in a gripping story of family, loyalty and country.

Listen to the entire season of “Potato” on any device, wherever you are, through Amazon Music and Wondery+ starting November 1 and on any streaming platform starting November 15.

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