Monday, December 4

Tens of thousands of Three customers to lose ‘free’ roaming abroad as they’re ‘forced’ onto new contracts – here’s all you need to know

Three has admitted that it is actively contacting many of its Sim-only and pay monthly out-of-contract customers to give them the following options – all of which result in users being placed on new terms and conditions where its ‘Go Roam’ perk isn’t included:

  1. Choose to re-contract onto a 12-month or 24-month plan or any other plan Three offers.
  2. Do nothing and be auto-migrated onto a one-month rolling Sim plan.
  3. Or, choose to leave (requires 30 days notice).

The mobile network changed its terms and conditions in September last year, and now any new customer that signs up or renews their contract after 1 October 2021 will no longer be able to roam using their inclusive minutes, calls and texts via Go Roam. This means a £2 a day charge for roaming in Europe, or a £5 a day fee in certain destinations outside of Europe from 21 May 2022.

Three had previously told us those with pre-1 October 2021 contracts could stay with it once their deal had ended and keep Go Roam, but it appears some will now be unable to do so. Usually, we would usually welcome a campaign encouraging people to switch as it’s likely they’re overpaying if out-of-contract, but frustrated customers have told us they’re unhappy about the move.

According to Three, offering new contracts to customers is “unrelated” to the changes to its roaming pricing and is something it’s done for a “number of years”. Check out our Cheap mobile and data roaming guide if you need help using your phone abroad for less.