Wednesday, October 27

Teresa Rodríguez finally registers the Adelante Andalucía brand in her name

Adelante Andalucía’s spokesperson, Teresa Rodríguez, is already the legal representative of this party. The Anticapitalistas leader and former regional coordinator of Podemos formally stands as the leader of the brand that elected her as spokesperson last June, after a re-founding in which the main parties that created it do not participate: Podemos and Izquierda Unida ( UI).

Teresa Rodríguez will once again present Adelante Andalucía to the regional and general elections after breaking with Podemos and IU

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“It is actually a normal procedure that took place after the June 26 assembly, where the directors of Adelante Andalucía were elected”, point out the party sources, who also explain to this newspaper that “modifications have been registered in the statutes and the people who make up the leadership, as all parties have to do. ”

Since its registration as a political party in 2018, justified as a protection of the brand against the risk that it could be usurped by others, the militant of Anticapitalistas Olga Negrón appeared as a representative before the Registry of Parties of the Ministry of the Interior, as published in its day Now, the woman from Cádiz is at the head of a party made up of four organizations (Anticapitalistas itself, Izquierda Andalucista, Primavera Andaluza and Defender Andalucía) and in which the Andalusian parliamentarians José Ignacio García, Vanessa García and María Del Carmen García, Senator Pilar González (from Primavera Andalucista) and the Councilor of the Seville City Council Sandra Heredia, among others. The registered office was moved in another previous modification of the registry from Seville, where it initially appeared at the Podemos headquarters, to Cádiz.

Since his departure from Podemos and his subsequent expulsion from the Adelante Andalucía parliamentary group, now Unidos Podemos por Andalucía (UPporA), Rodríguez has always maintained the use of the brand that he now legally represents and with which Podemos and Izquierda Unida presented themselves in coalition. to the Andalusian elections of 2018. Its intention is to present it to the regional, municipal and general elections.

The regional coordinator of IU Toni Valero does not give up in recovering the name of the brand, despite the fact that since last February he has used the denomination of United We Can for Andalusia in his political acts together with Podemos. “We believe that if it were tried to be used by other people other than Izquierda Unida or Podemos, it would be ethically and legally unsustainable,” he said in a recent interview with this newspaper. For their part, in Podemos Andalusia they want to “leave this conflict behind” although they assure that they will have to go to the judicial field to defend a “clear usurpation of a brand that has been common and for which we have all worked”, as pointed out by the general secretary Autonomous, Martina Velarde

While the legal services detail its strategy, Rodríguez is convinced that it will keep the Adelante Andalucía name. “I think we could get a master’s degree in the matter. It seems to us that there is no way, that there is no way to take it,” he says.

Adelante Andalucía was registered as a political party on September 26, 2019 and in December of that year it appeared in the updated party registry of the Ministry of the Interior. The reasons given at the time were based on the possibility that Íñigo Errejón used the name against the generals of November 10.

Since then, the stormy relationship between Rodríguez with the regional directorates of Podemos and IU has been known. After the notices, the confluence consummated its rupture in October 2020 when the new leadership of the morados promoted the expulsion of the woman from Cádiz and her relatives from the parliamentary group, calling them “turncoats.” The Bureau of Parliament gave the green light to this request, which finally ended with nine non-attached parliamentarians and started a judicial mess that still lasts. The Constitutional Court rejected the precautionary measures that those expelled had requested to be reinstated in their parliamentary group and the final ruling will not arrive before the end of 2022, as admitted by high court sources.