Tuesday, July 5

Teresa Rodríguez, on the attack from Jerez: “Macarena Olona is not scary, she can even laugh”

Adelante Andalucía has returned to Jerez de la Frontera, to the city where it began its electoral campaign for the elections on the 19th. If that day there was a somewhat cold and intimate act for its militants, in this case it has been noted that It has taken cruising speed and this Friday it has offered a rally with a special female role. Teresa Rodríguez was escorted by Senator Pilar González and by Parliamentarian Ángela Aguilera, who stood out in an act that was attended by a thousand followers.

In the Spanish Television debate last Monday, Rodríguez focused his speech on Macarena Olona, ​​but also on Juanma Moreno and launched a taunt against the socialist candidate. “There are people who approach these elections out of fear and lower their arms. He hides his face behind his hands and looks away, as if that would make the extreme right disappear. In the debate, Juan Espadas said that it was going to be the useful vote against the extreme right. But, what is that going to be like if you don’t have blood in your veins?” said the candidate.

“Macarena Olona is not scary, she can even laugh. She can make us laugh at her kitsch, her falsehood when she speaks, that they have registered a candidate two months before an election, that they present an electoral program of ten measures in half a page folded in half. That can give us laughter, but not fear, ”she added.

Teresa Rodríguez alluded to the Sierra Bermeja fire to denounce that “the forest firefighters of the Infoca plan, of the Amaya agency, tell us that those who have to face the harshest face of climate change in the great summer fires are, in a 75% are over 50 years old and are contracted for four months a year. When we should have staff working full time all year round to take care of our forests. Meanwhile, there are riffraff that champion denialism against climate change.”

“They wanted to steal our joy”

The shouts of “presidenta, presidenta” were present in Rodríguez’s intervention, but some of the biggest applause of the afternoon went to her colleagues. Pilar González recalled that the beginnings of Adelante Andalucía date back four years with the intention of uniting the Andalusian left. “The three objectives were: to have their own voice, to fight against the right that threatened by the defects of the PSOE and to provide an alternative to the Government of a party that for 37 years what it did was administer and not govern. That’s how we were born and it’s been four difficult years because they wanted to steal our joy. Despite the pain, we continue in that same effort because we not only carry Andalusia in our name, but we feel it”.

“Feeling it is a commitment to change what Andalusian boys and girls live in schools, when we need public health care, the elderly dependents waiting… And someone doing business. You have to fight for those public services. Feeling Andalusia is not having a master outside of Andalusia”, she remarked. She referred to Vox as “the heirs of the murderers of Blas Infante and García Lorca” and Olona as “someone who wants to be Julio Romero de Torres’ little piconera and who looks like a German with a mustache.”

“Moreno Bonilla tells us with his sugary smile that his policy is not one of ideology, that ideologies are dead and that he is a manager. I tell you from Jerez that he has the ideology of the great fortunes, for whom he lowers taxes, his ideology obeys those who are behind the investment funds that exploit our women who work in home help and who exploit the cleaners from Puerto Real, Algeciras and Córdoba”, expressed Ángela Aguilera.

José Ignacio García and Manuel Ruiz, numbers two and four on the party list, also took part. “In Spain there are three democratic contradictions that interrelate: the heteropatriarchal, the class contradiction that is in the DNA of the administration for the benefit of a few, and the territorial contradiction, whereby in order to understand that some territories are developed, there must be others. who are harmed. And in Adelante Andalucía we rebel against that”, said José Ignacio García.


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