Friday, May 27

Teresa Rodríguez refounds Adelante Andalucía: “Finally, you don’t have to ask anyone’s permission”

Granada has hosted this Saturday the opening of the Constituent Assembly of the “re-founding” of Adelante Andalucía, as described by José María González “Kichi”, mayor of Cádiz and responsible for the opening of the act. This assembly takes place after a process in which more than 2,000 people have participated, thanks to which the Andalusian confluence marks its “rebirth without tutelage of anyone”, to work for “a horizon of sovereignty” in Andalusia in favor of the social majorities , before those who “speak of the left but then make right-wing policies.” “Finally, you don’t have to ask anyone for permission,” said Teresa Rodríguez, leader of the formation, in clear allusion to her previous stage as head of Podemos in Andalusia and her continuous confrontation with the guidelines of the national Podemos, as well as in reference to the national formations that made up Adelante Andalucía when it was established in 2018: not only Podemos but also IU.

The Constitutional Court refuses to integrate Teresa Rodríguez and eight other deputies to the Adelante Andalucía parliamentary group

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José María González ‘Kichi’, has been in charge of leading the act by Primavera Andaluza, Izquierda Andalucista, Defender Andalucía and Anticapitalistas, the “party table” that makes up the organization. In this sense, the mayor of Cádiz has indicated the objective of forming “a single organization” in favor of “a sovereign Andalusia, free and like the most” in the political, economic and social levels, with “equality and distribution of wealth “as the main axes. “We are the hope”, has defended.

To this end, ‘Kichi’ has shown the new Adelante Andalucía logo, which preserves the brand’s original colors, green and white, incorporating a symbol inspired by the eight-pointed tartessian star or Gadeiro. He has done it together with the regional parliamentarian Teresa Rodríguez, former regional coordinator of Podemos and who, along with seven other regional deputies, was expelled from the Adelante Group in the Andalusian Parliament at the request of Podemos, after all of them leaving said party due to differences with the then leadership national of Pablo Iglesias, but retain the seats harvested through the Adelante confluence.

Precisely this Friday the decision of the Constitutional Court to reject the precautionary measures requested by the nine expelled to rejoin the parliamentary group was known while the high court failed their appeal.

The four-game table

The senator for Andalusia, leader of the Andalusian Spring and former secretary general of the defunct Andalusian Party (PA), Pilar González, who has celebrated this “new journey”, thanks to which Adelante Andalucía brings together “the Andalusianism of the XXI century”, has also intervened. yes “the legacy of Blas Infante and the first Andalusians.”

The national coordinator of the Andalusian Left, Antuán Vargas, also celebrated this “clearly Andalusian project”, aimed at creating “a horizon of sovereignty” for Andalusia, so that the region “can take charge of its own future” by facing “fascism. “. “Forward Andalusia is reborn”, he emphasized, noting that at the confluence “there is room for many more people.”

And Curro Cubero, spokesman for Defender Andalucía, who has bet on his side for the confluence of Adelante Andalucía as “common house of the Andalusian left”, a “diverse house” marked by concepts such as municipalism and feminism, among others.

In the case of Anticapitalistas, the regional deputy Ángela Aguilera has opted for a political action from Andalusia, without “being the branch of any party in Madrid or the subsidiary of the PSOE of Andalusia”, in order to fully “serve” the society of the region. For this reason, he has defended the convergence of Adelante as a “tool for the emancipation of the Andalusian people.”

“Those of the south versus those of the north”

Teresa Rodríguez has closed the interventions as “interim spokesperson for the assembly”, she specified, since it will be this Saturday when the party’s leadership and its spokesperson will be decided, predictably Rodríguez herself. Teresa Rodríguez has called to raise “the flag of freedom”, to “not let the right continue to manipulate that term that belongs to the social and citizen majorities, not to those who take away the freedoms of the majority to grant privileges to a minority.”

It has influenced the need to “decide from the Andalusian people”, “with sovereignty in the plural” regarding the economic, energy or food, for example, “without fear of the word” sovereignty. Rodríguez has made a reference to the 15M recalling the slogan of “those from below against those from above.” To this idea he has added the struggle of “those of the south against those of the north, those of the periphery against those of the center.”


This act is the culmination of a path that the Anticapitalistas leader herself announced in February 2020 when she left Podemos to create a left-wing Andalusian party. And that, in reality, he had been fighting since his incorporation into the purple political movement, demanding from the beginning more space for the autonomy of the formations in the autonomous communities.

In addition, he has opted for “not taking on the game of trileros of those who speak of the left but then make right-wing policies.” “Don’t be fooled”, he asserted, insisting on alerting those who hang “the left plate and then they go to a pact with the elites, whether they are the Madrid, Catalan or Basque elites, delaying” social justice and achievement “of the future” by the people.

“We are reborn without the tutelage of anyone,” emphasized Teresa Rodríguez, defending that the convergence of Adelante Andalucía is “a weapon in the hands of the Andalusian people.” “At last you don’t have to ask anyone for permission,” he remarked.

After that, the event included the projection of personal videos in which various figures from politics, culture and activism have welcomed the re-founding of Adelante Andalucía, such as Fernando Madina, musician from the Sevillian rock band Reincidentes; the ERC spokesperson in the Congress of Deputies, Gabriel Rufián, who has applauded the “very beautiful path to be taken on the left beyond the flags”; the actress and activist Pamela Palenciano; the Spanish activist for trans rights Mar Cambrollé; the leaders of UGT and CCOO in Andalusia, Carmen Castilla and Nuria López, respectively; the vice president of Valencia Mónica Oltra (Compromís); the film director Benito Zambrano or the actor Antonio de la Torre, among others.