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Teresa Rodríguez says goodbye to the campaign with a “roar”: “we are the vote that is not afraid of the extreme right”

After a campaign “without money, without resources and without a voice”, Teresa Rodríguez has taken the stage with a broad smile under the mid-afternoon sun that presses down in Seville on the last day of the electoral campaign, singing “everything is going to be fine”, the soundtrack that has accompanied his Andalusian coalition throughout the winding road to the polls.

Teresa Rodríguez: “Keeping Vox from outsiders is guaranteeing its absolute majority in the following elections”

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The decisions of the Electoral Board have allowed Teresa Rodríguez to participate in television debates but not access public funds for the campaign, by not identifying the current Adelante Andalucía with the confluence that attended the Andalusian elections in 2018. And so, with 120,000 euros contributed by the militants and sympathizers, has toured the neighborhoods of the Andalusian community in a “tartana”, “like Lorca’s barrack”, distributing messages of “hope, joy, rebellion”, in the words of Pilar González, senator de Adelante Andalucía, until the end of the electoral campaign.

And it has done so with an act held in the Andalusian capital, in the Macarena neighborhood, in which it has exceeded a thousand supporters, according to estimates by the organization. Children and adults, but above all, young people. Double what the candidate from Rota recorded the previous day, in the “central act” that took place in her native Cádiz, where her electoral efforts have been focused, and where she will await the results next Sunday.

reinforced in prime time

That upward trend, although more timidly, is what the polls have also drawn for the Andalusian coalition as the campaign has progressed. In its pre-election survey of June 2, the CIS attributed two deputies to the Cadiz woman. And at the return of the campaign, the estimate of votes grew from 4.7% to 5.9%, which translates into one more seat according to demographic forecasts.

The participation of Teresa Rodríguez in the electoral debates has been decisive for the candidate Adelante Andalucía, it has served to make her come out stronger for “standing up to the extreme right”, according to her team. And despite the fact that the scenario drawn by the polls is not very encouraging, Rodríguez’s men reach the end of the campaign with optimism, hoping to form a parliamentary group and with the satisfaction of having “defeated the extreme right”, even before the date with the polls, as the coalition candidates have stated.

In the same vein that they have followed throughout the campaign, appealing to the collective imagination of Andalusians. To the symbols of Andalusian culture and Andalusian pride. Blas Infante, Lorca, Lola Flores, Carlos Cano. Those are the referents with which Adelante Andalucía has embraced to make a difference with respect to the other leftist forces “with national leaders”.

Like the “lions of the flag”

The first part of the act was dominated by a more poetic than political speech. Teresa Rodríguez’s companions repeated the messages that have dominated the entire campaign: hope, freedom, dreams, dignity. With a friendly, but forceful tone to stand out from the groups “that speak weakly”. “We have to speak loudly” against the right “and sweetly with our people”, the presidential candidate pointed out.

At the end of her speech, Teresa Rodríguez has resorted to the image of the white and green flag to appeal to the left-wing electorate: “we have to raise our heads and roar like the lions on the shield”. And that is what she hopes the Adelante Andalucía vote will be at the polls, a roar against the right. “We are the vote of firmness, against the fallacy of the extreme right and we want to be the vote that does not owe anyone outside of our land, which has no tutelage from Madrid”, she affirmed to the applause of the public.

Do not allow “the right to govern”

This is the position with which they attend the meeting on Sunday and that sealed in the last debate: “We are very clear that we are not going to allow the right to govern.” So Rodríguez rules out abstaining from an investiture vote for Moreno so that Vox does not enter the government, but he would vote in favor of making Juan Espadas president, even if he rejects co-governing with the PSOE-A, in line with the famous “ni dead government with Susana” that resonated in past legislatures.

Regardless of what happens on Sunday, in Adelante Andalucía they already feel like winners. And for the last time they have asked the Andalusians to go to the appointment with the polls and encourage their family, friends and neighbors to do it “for themselves”. Thus has culminated an act topped by the anthem of Andalusia and by the music of Califato 3/4, ¾ the electronic fusion group that put music to the ad “with a lot of accent” of Cruzcampo, where Lola Flores was resurrected to turn the stereotypes upside down .

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