Friday, December 8

Teresa Rodríguez: “The left has not done much to unmask the PP in Andalusia”

We leftists have not done much to unmask Moreno’s PP in Andalusia“, tells Carne Cruda, Theresa Rodriguez, the leader of Adelante Andalucía who has won 2 representatives in an election in which Moreno Bonilla’s PP has swept the absolute majority, the PSOE gets its worst result, Ciudadanos disappears, Vox loses 400,000 votes compared to the general elections and the left divided still in free fall. The Andalusian elections are the beginning of the new electoral cycle that will culminate with the general elections next year and the news cannot be worse for progressivism.

The left-wing confluence of Por Andalucía, made up of Podemos, Izquierda Unida, Más País, Equo, Alternativa Verde and the Andalusian People’s Initiative falls far short of the goal that was set. Of the 17 seats it won in 2018, Por Andalucía, led by Inma Nieto, only got 5 representatives. The fragmentation and confrontation between the left itself has been key in these results, as stated by Rodríguez, who maintains that “The permanent search for the internal enemy has taken its toll on us.”

For her, “there is no room for celebration because we have not changed anything in the life of the most vulnerable and popular classes”, she criticizes herself and also speaks of the need for “a more effective opposition” and the search for common commitments from the independence of his party: “There is always room to heal wounds, but we need mutual recognition”.

You can listen here the analysis of the Andalusian elections in Carne Cruda with journalists from Andalucía, El País and Infolibre and the Andalusian writer, jesus swornauthor of “The muffin generation, chronicle of a new Andalusianism”.

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