Wednesday, July 6

Teresa Rodríguez: “We have to leave the soap operas behind and give good proposals”

The candidate of Adelante Andalucía for the next regional elections, Theresa Rodriguez, has asked at the Carne Cruda microphones to “leave the soap operas” among the left-wing formations and “give good proposals” to the voters to unseat the Popular Party of the Andalusian Government and stop the advance of the extreme right of Vox. “Left-wing voters should not be discouraged. It is key, and not dramatize so much with internal conflicts ”, added the Cadiz politician.

Rodríguez has claimed his candidacy against Por Andalucía, where Izquierda Unida, Podemos, Más País and other left-wing organizations converge, because “Andalusia needs a political force with its own identity.” “We do not want to wait for permission from Madrid to make decisions,” explained the former general secretary of Podemos in Andalusia, who left the purple formation in 2020. “So, even to send an email to my affiliates in Andalusia, it had to happen before for Madrid”, he revealed.

You can listen to the full podcast “What’s happening with the left in Andalusia?” in which we also interviewed Inma Nieto, who heads the list Through Andalusia in which Izquierda Unida and Podemos converge together with other formations. And we analyze the scenario in Andalusia and what is expected of the next elections with Daniel Cela from, Lourdes Lucius of the country and Angel Munarriz from Infofree.

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