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Teresa Rodríguez will lead the list of Adelante Andalucía for Cádiz on 19J

The spokesperson and candidate of Adelante Andalucía for the Presidency of the Board, Teresa Rodríguez, will lead the list that her coalition will present to the autonomous elections on June 19 for the province of Cádiz, after having run as number one for the district of Málaga in the previous Andalusian elections on December 2, 2018. This has been confirmed to Europa Press by sources from Adelante Andalucía, who have also clarified that former Andalusian parliamentarian José Ignacio García will figure as number two on said list for the province of Cádiz.

Moreno advances the elections in Andalusia to June 19 in search of a Government without Vox

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It is the third consecutive time that Teresa Rodríguez has presented herself as a candidate for the Junta in Andalusian elections, after having headed the list of Podemos in the elections of March 2015 and of Adelante Andalucía in those of December 2018.

Teresa Rodríguez has concluded the XI Legislature of the Andalusian Parliament as an unassigned regional deputy after, in November 2020, she was expelled along with eight other parliamentarians from the group that later became United We Can for Andalusia in the Andalusian Chamber, accused by Podemos e IU of an alleged case of transfuguismo having disassociated itself from Podemos during the legislature.

In the March 2015 elections, Teresa Rodríguez led the candidacy of Podemos Andalucía, a party that then won 15 seats in Parliament, while in the elections of December 2, 2018, she led the confluence of Adelante Andalucía, which included Podemos and IU together with Andalusian forces, and which remained as the fourth group in the regional Chamber, with 17 deputies.

However, during the current legislature there was an internal rupture within said confluence that was reflected in the parliamentary group, which in November 2020 was split into two blocks, and which concludes the legislature separated between the six deputies aligned with IU and Podemos, which formed the group called United We Can for Andalusia since July 2021, and the eleven non-attached parliamentarians -Teresa Rodríguez among them- related to Adelante Andalucía, a political brand renewed by the former coordinator of Podemos Andalucía and which Last March, he chose the aforementioned deputy from Cádiz as his candidate for the Presidency of the Board in the next elections.

For his part, José Ignacio García obtained a seat in the Andalusian Parliament after concurring as number two of the Adelante Andalucía candidacy for the province of Cádiz, although he resigned his deputy act in September last year after approving some oppositions in the summer of education and start a period of practices as a counselor that was incompatible with his status as a parliamentarian, as determined by the Commission for the Statute of the Deputy.

José Ignacio García already warned then, when he resigned his seat, that he was not leaving “politics” or Adelante Andalucía, of whose leadership he is a part, and that he would continue “in the front line of battle in the precious task that we have decided to undertake for Andalusia” .

For the province of Cádiz, Adelante Andalucía won three seats in the 2018 elections, which also went to Ángela Aguilera, who headed the list, and to Inmaculada Nieto, who ranked number three and has served as parliamentary spokesperson, first of the group of Forward Andalusia and after United We Can for Andalusia when it changed its name.

Mora, head in Seville

The Provincial Assembly of Adelante Andalucía, a brand refounded by Anticapitalistas, Primavera Andaluza, Izquierda Andalucista and Defend Andalucía after the schism experienced in said group in Parliament, has already chosen the list that will attend the next regional elections on June 19 for the district of Seville.

The number one candidate for Seville and current non-attached regional deputy, Maribel Mora, believes that “the consolidation of an Andalusian force that puts the interests of our land above everything and everyone is not only necessary, but also urgent” and , in this same sense, has stressed that “the desire for greater sovereignty and greater social justice, which the Andalusians made clear more than 40 years ago, are more necessary than ever”.

The Adelante candidate explained that “PSOE and PP have forgotten Andalusia for decades and have placed it in a position of political, economic and social subalternity” and that, for this reason, “deputies and parliamentarians are needed who do not obey the slogans who come from Madrid, but who defend solely and exclusively the rights and interests of the Andalusian People”.

The current Andalusian parliamentarian points out that “the economic crisis, the pandemic and the rise in prices of the most basic goods and supplies are placing many Andalusians in a desperate situation.”

In this sense, he explains that “during the last years of the PSOE government there have already been embarrassing cuts in our public services” and he specifies that “the government of Moreno Bonilla has done nothing but sharpen those cuts.”

Mora denounces that “it is an absolute shame that the right-wing government has fired thousands of health professionals in the midst of a pandemic and with our primary care system completely collapsed”, alluding to the non-renewal of thousands of health workers temporarily hired by the pandemic. , an extreme that the Andalusian Government justifies in the depletion of state funds harvested for such temporary contracts.

The Adelante Andalucía candidate also assures that citizens will not “forget how complicated it has been and still is, for example, accessing a simple appointment with the family doctor.”

Mora also warns that “the possible arrival of the extreme right to the Andalusian government would cause even more suffering to the Andalusian people, more social cuts and a loss of social rights and freedoms that it has cost us so much to conquer.” Thus, he appeals to “massive participation” in these elections, “in order to stop the feet and send beyond Despeñaperros to a far right that is too grown.”

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