Monday, May 29

Teresina receives BRL 3 million from the European Union to create a blockchain solution

The capital of Piaui, Teresina, took the lead by adhering to blockchain technology for public transport with the support of the European Union. Since 2018, Teresina has been studying the use of Blockchain technology in public transport in its city, a way to improve the sector and make this city an increasingly smarter city.

This strategy was developed by the Municipality of Teresina, through the Municipal Planning and Coordination Secretariat (Semplan) and Agenda 2030, in partnership with the Organization of American States (OAS), through its open government school, and with the Fundação Hyperledger.

When the action was announced, the pioneer city declared that it would receive €300,000 from the European Union for the implementation, but the amount turned out to be higher in the end.

Teresina finalizes the process of implementing blockchain in its public transport

Last Monday (17), the city hall of Teresina realized the closing event of the Transport Observatory Project. The event took place at the City Palace, the center of local government.

The presence of the mayor of Teresina and some secretaries was seen, as well as representatives of the European Union, the French Development Agency (AFD), Despacio and the Systra/Unifor Consortium.

This meeting presented the results and scalability strategy, as well as communication actions. It is expected that with this project, the management of public transport in Teresina will be improved, through the use of blockchain technology and an open innovation process.

The mayor of Teresina, José Personal Leal, declared that the support received by the city in this project was very important.

“We are grateful for this project and the positive conclusions we have drawn from it. The City Hall is grateful to partners, such as the European Union and the French Development Agency, for this joint work to improve Teresina and bring more transparency and efficiency to public services related to transport”.

European Union sent 500 thousand euros to the capital of Piauí

This project comes to an end after almost three years of research in urban transport with blockchain technology. For this, the European Union sent a contribution of 500 thousand euros to Teresina, through the EuroClima+ program. In Real, this value exceeds the quotation of R$ 3.1 million today.

This observatory went through a period of diagnosis, when urban development strategies aimed at public transport were analyzed. At this point, the main problems affecting the Teresina population were identified.

After that, the city hall’s work was to seek greater practicality in the development of urban mobility solutions. With the contribution of the European Union, the capital of Piauí and its population will only gain, highlighted the president of the Teresinense Data Processing Company (PRODATER), Jobson Filho.