Monday, December 6

“Terrible” running of the bulls in Torija (Guadalajara): a bull gores an unprotected horse several times

New episode of “savagery” in a bullfighting celebration in the province of Guadalajara, which is once again in the news for the “abominable animal abuse” organized during the confinements in the countryside that are traditional in some areas. This time it was in the municipality of Torija. Guadalajara Antitaurina has released a video that it describes as “terrible” in which, in addition to witnessing minors running in front of the bulls, it is possible to see how the bull attacked on several occasions against a horse without any type of protective harness.

“They are animals that, terrified, flee from a crowd that harasses, persecutes and tortures them to death”, details this group, denouncing that it is the City Council that pays for these celebrations with public money, “which is assumed by all citizens.”

The video was sent to Guadalajara Antitaurina by an anonymous neighbor of the town. It can be seen how a horse without the protective harness is hit by a bull. The horseman falls to the ground, but the horse is repeatedly attacked by the antler at the level of the belly. The rider manages to flee, but the horse is pierced several times, “gutting its intestines as it passes while kicking the bovid hard on the head.” The public tries to avoid it, but at the end of the video a phrase is heard that shows that “they assume it at the moment”: “He is already dead, it does not matter, unfortunately”, in reference to the horse.

According to this group, in the province of Guadalajara there are also motorized confinements in the countryside. “In these crazy festivities, in which anyone who wishes to attend, can corner, violate, assault and even run over the animals. Without qualifying these embarrassments with euphemisms, aberrant videos and photographs come to us daily. In the bullfighting forums themselves we can read how the integrity, dignity and protection of the animals used to satisfy the lowest sadisms is violated ”.

He explains that bulls are thrown firecrackers, they are harassed with pikes, they are pushed into ditches, they are run over by jeeps. And he mentions towns such as Brihuega, Loranca de Tajuña and Torija. “Always financed with public money paid by the town councils, the Provincial Council and the mime and subsidies of the Board of Communities of Castilla-La Mancha.”

“Rushing to the maximum” the ‘bullfights’ that are authorized

In Guadalajara Antitaurina they believe that these administrations are “rushing to the maximum the few ‘bullfighting’ that are authorized”, since due to the pandemic, more than 80% have been canceled. “The accounts do not go to the ranchers. How will they overcome these two years of pandemic without the huge income they received? Do you expect the public treasury to take charge of such huge losses?

“It seems that the PSOE of our region, led by Emiliano Garcia-Page is convinced of being able to pay for it. How many areas that we see cut back in Castilla-La Mancha could benefit from this income? ”, They add.

After emphasizing that “it is the ‘tauropaths’ themselves who point to each other, accusing each other of exceeding violence against animals and stating that with such embarrassing images, it is they themselves who are digging their graves”, this association makes an appeal to all the residents of Guadalajara, and of Castilla-La Mancha as a whole, that “tired of witnessing how thousands and thousands of euros are wasted in organizing these massacres while they do not have medical assistance, a library or decent roads, they want to stop those who do business with animal torture ”.

“It is time to change the social paradigm, and undoubtedly that the institutions assume that these practices have their days numbered. It is unacceptable that while the whole world is organizing to stop the climate crisis, the municipalities of our region find in bullfighting the only way of leisure and entertainment, as if bleeding, shooting or running over bulls delighted them ”, he concludes.