Saturday, September 25

Terrorist killed, injuring six in New Zealand supermarket attack



New Zealand Police have killed a terrorist who has injured six people in a supermarket from the town of Auckland, as confirmed by local authorities. The attacker, a Sri Lankan citizen, had been under police surveillance since 2016 and was “a known threat to the country,” according to Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern during a press conference.

«What happened today is despicable, hateful (…). It has not been perpetrated by a faith, but by an individual ”, emphasized the president, who has referred to the attacker as a“ violent extremist ”.

According to Police Commissioner Andrew Costner, the individual got a knife in one of the supermarket stores and used it to attack customers. Costner has also assured that the man was being watched by police officers, who were in the area when the attack began.

Emergency services have confirmed that six people have been injured by the attacker. Three of them are in critical condition and one in serious condition. According to the German news agency DPA, five people were stabbed in another supermarket of the same chain in May.

The general director of security of the supermarket chain, Kiri Hannifin, has lamented in a statement that “again, we feel dejected knowing what our team and customers have had to live.”

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