Tuesday, July 5

Terry Gilliam: “I don’t hate Hollywood, it’s just a system that doesn’t produce art”

In Carne Cruda we interviewed the comedian and director Terry Gilliama true Quixote of cinema, and has just received the Luis Buñuel award at the Huesca Festival in recognition of his entire career.

You remember him for being the man who made coconuts rattle to simulate the king’s horse in The Knights of the Square Table. Also for being part of the unforgettable cast of Brian’s life. Even for being one of the cardinals of those mythical skits of Monty Python about the Spanish inquisition that are now a meme. Also, Terry Gilliam is an exceptional screenwriter and film director. author of the prophetic Brazilian Y 12 monkeysalso from the fisher king Y Fear and Loathing in Las Vegashis legend increased, despite himself, with one of the most quixotic films in the history of cinema: the one about the nobleman of La Mancha whose production lasted 17 endless years until it was released on the big screen.

An interview in which we go through great moments of his career, we talk about how Monthy Python was born, what he thinks of Hollywood, his films, some visionaries, such as “Brazil” or “12 Monkeys” or how they left him for dead in a magazine.

You can listen to the full question here.


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