Monday, August 15

Tesla debuts function to avoid potholes and suspend | Digital Trends Spanish

The Tesla cars they want to keep upgrading features and now their latest software update includes a cool sound feature that could prevent a lot of underbody damage, and maybe some driver damage too, informs Electrek.

According to the release notes, the update (2022.20) will allow Tesla vehicles to scan the road ahead of potholes and adjust the suspension to account for rough roads.

Tesla owners can activate the new feature by selecting “Comfort” in the adaptive suspension damping setting. But the new feature may depend on where the vehicle is being driven, which means it may not be available for all bumps and cracks in the road. “This adjustment may occur in various locations, subject to availability, as the vehicle downloads approximate road map data generated by Tesla cars,” the release notes state. according to Not a Tesla App.

The update also includes a green light doorbell to help combat driver distraction.

Electrek notes that the green light feature will only work with vehicles that are equipped with the 3.0 hardware computer, also known as the autonomous driving computer. “This doorbell is only intended as a notification,” the notes add. “It is the responsibility of the driver to observe the environment around him and make decisions accordingly.”

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