Wednesday, September 27

Tesla: Dogecoin, Goldman Sachs and delay of its Cybertruck

The rain of news reaches Tesla again And although the value seems to cancel its advances on account of the FED effect that continues to martyr technology companies, the truth is that managing to overcome the moment at the expense of various resources. Among them, his clear commitment to the crypto universe. The last thing is that Elon Musk has decided to go one step further in his support for one of the best-known memecoins and his favorite without a doubt.

We are talking about Dogecoin with which he returns to the fray, since a good part of his exponential rises are due to him, after the decision to support the cryptocurrency for payment on the Tesla website, in your merchandise. Crypto is up 18% on that news, before which he considers the crypto of the people, after earning more than 4,000% in 2021.

Elon Musk Announcement on Dogecoin Acceptance at Tesla

Another song is what happens with your Cybertruck, his more than modern and robotic truck that for some, seems like a never ending story, after its official presentation, with a prototype included last year on NBC in his interview with Jay Leno, to which Elon Musk arrived driving it. But it does not seem to be ready for its release yet. Reuters notes that vwill once again delay its presentation: from the expected last quarter of this year to the first of 2023.

The excuse, the change of some of its characteristics. Let us remember that in 2019 there was already an incident due to the armored glass of the vehicle when their protection capabilities were being demonstrated, when, after throwing a bottle, the window was broken. A truck very much to the American taste that will have direct competition with the pick-up that Ford is preparing and the General Motors Silverado.

In its price graph we see that the value is shown in balance in the last five days compared to the advances of 17.7% marked in the last month and that, if we look at the previous quarter, it already reaches 21.7%. In the case of the annual evolution, the value is up just 0.22% since the start of 2022.

Tesla annual stock price


Meanwhile, analysts continue to bet on the value. With renewed energy in the case of Goldman Sachs that just improved its share price: its analyst Mark Delaney places its target level at $1,200 per share, with a buy rating understanding that vehicle deliveries of the automobile firm will be solid in the fourth quarter of the year, with the results that Tesla will publish on the 27th.

They consider from Goldman that Tesla, given its leading position among electric vehicles, with its entire ecosystem and its sustainable approach, looking at solar energy and its storage businesses, it will be better positioned to capitalize on the long-term shift away from electric vehicles.

With margins set to rise, the firm says, in the medium term as production ramps up from its Model Y, and from its new factories in Berlin and Texas, while, in the long term, it foresees an increase in its software income.

While from Morgan Stanley its analyst Adam Jonas highlights that Tesla is winning the race for electric vehicles, and revise upwards from 1,200 at $1,300 per share its PO with a forecast of deliveries of two million cars by 2022. Let us remember that last year it delivered 936,000 and expects to close 2021 with an increase of 50% on that figure. The latest, yesterday from Credit Suisse, which rates value neutral and raises its PO to $1,025 from the previous $830.

Regarding the technical indicators elaborated by Investment Strategies, we find that Tesla reaches, in bullish mode and with an improvement of two points, the 9 for total score, versus the possible 10 for value. With only the volatility of value, both in the medium and long term increasing for Tesla

Tesla premium indicators of Ei

On the other side, we find a trend that, both in the medium and long term, is bullish for the value, with a total moment, slow and fast, that is moving positively and a volume of business that, in both aspects, both in the medium and long term, is moving upwards.

Also among the latest news on the value stands out the signing of an agreement in Africa to obtain a key component for its batteries. Specifically, in Mozambique, as the Associated Press has what market experts consider to be the first agreement of its kind designed by the firm to reduce its dependence on China for graphite.

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