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Tesla sells a karaoke microphone and it sells out in an hour | Digital Trends Spanish

As part of the commercial campaign allusive to the Chinese New Year, which corresponds to the tiger, Tesla launched for sale a set of microphones designed to offer a karaoke experience inside its cars.

The microphones, called TeslaMic, were sold on Tesla’s China page for about 1,150 yuan, equivalent to about $180. However, users on social networks said that these devices were sold out in just one hour.

TeslaMic is a hot seller. Sold out 1 hour after launch. Now this scalper is selling it for 3300 CNY. https://t.co/k50j3y8VQo pic.twitter.com/0DCnd3u5dr

— Ray4Tesla⚡️🚘☀️🔋 (@ray4tesla) January 29, 2022

Several of the purchases were made by resellers, who offer the microphones for triple, reaching a price above $500 dollars.

As strange as the frenzy over a set of microphones may seem, the expectation was predictable in a country where karaoke is more than just a recreational activity.

In China and other Asian countries like Japan, karaoke is seen as a place where people can release their feelings.

Karaoke bars in China, also known as KTV or ka-la OK, are usually located in gigantic buildings, and unlike the Western tradition, in which the plan is to sing with friends, the Chinese usually rent rooms where they can sing solo.

“People in China cannot express their emotions directly. Even after a long period of relationship with your partner, it is difficult for you to tell him that you love him, because of karaoke it helps us to indirectly express what we feel”, told El Espectador a 30-year-old Chinese man who works for a telephone company.

If karaoke in China is meant to be a private experience, what better than doing it inside a car that can drive you safely home while you dedicate a song to that special someone.

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