Friday, December 8

Tesla wants us to download our personality in his robot | Digital Trends Spanish

Last year we learned of Elon Musk’s intentions to build his first humanoid robot. Well, the tycoon wants these robots to be as similar as possible to their owners.

In a interview With Mathias Döpfner, executive president of the Axel Springer publishing group, Musk explained that thanks to AI the Tesla Bot will be able to house the personality, brain capacity and even memories of a human being. “We could offload into Optimus the things that we think make us unique,” ​​he says.

Musk also offered more details about his humanoid robot project known as Optimus. The executive clarifies that his function will only be to take care of those jobs that are repetitive, boring or dangerous, that is, jobs that people do not want to do.

The executive also gave more details about the design of this bipedal robot. He claims that like humans, it will have two arms and 10 fingers and will be roughly the same size, shape, and capabilities as a person.

As for production and development plans, Musk believes he will have something pretty good at the prototype level this year and could see at least moderate production volume by the end of 2023.

Musk introduced the Tesla Bot on August 19 of last year, during Tesla’s AI Day closing. During the presentation he said that the android will have a height of 1.76 meters and that it would only weigh 56 kilos. The Tesla Bot will be capable of carrying 20kg and lifting 70kg from the ground. The robot will also have eight cameras that use the same autonomous technology found in Tesla cars to detect and identify items, as well as an informational display on its head.

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