Wednesday, August 10

Tesla’s autonomous driving system will record drivers | Digital Trends Spanish

The latest version of Tesla’s autonomous driving system. Full Self-Driving or FSD) came with a new feature: drivers will have to consent to the video recording of everything that happens both inside and outside the car.

The FSD system is in the version 10.5 beta and the terms of use indicate that the driver of the vehicle must approve that Tesla “collect images and data from external cameras and also from the camera inside the car, in the event of events that represent a serious safety risk.”

The most important detail is that these videos will be associated with the vehicle’s VIN, a unique identifier that contains unique data about the car and that in turn includes information about the owner.

Until now, Tesla had used the recorded videos only internally to feed back and improve its own systems. However, with these new rules the company will be able to keep evidence in case of accidents, especially if the FSD is involved; In previous versions of the autonomous driving system, it was not possible to preventively record videos without the consent of the user.

Drivers who do not give permission for video recording will simply not be able to use autopilot driving.

Tesla has been working on this system for years, which in general has given very good results but has not been without problems. In April, two people died due to an accident involving a Tesla Model S, which was traveling at high speed and only guided by the FSD system.

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