Saturday, September 25

Texas: Anti-mask activist died of COVID-19 | Digital Trends Spanish

Caleb Wallace, an activist who led a campaign in Texas against the use of masks and other health measures, died of complications from COVID-19 after spending a month in intensive care.

The news was confirmed by his wife, Jessica Wallace, on the GoFundMe site.

Caleb passed away peacefully. It will always live in our hearts and minds, ”acknowledged the young pregnant woman with the couple’s fourth child.

Caleb Wallace was 30 years old and achieved some notoriety last year after carrying out several activities that demanded the end of preventive measures against the pandemic.

In July of last year, Wallace organized a protest in San Angelo, where participants carried signs against the use of masks and the closure of businesses, in addition to rejecting the scientific evidence that exists about the coronavirus.

“We are not happy with the state of affairs in the United States at the moment,” he noted in July 2020.

According to his wife’s account, the activist began to have symptoms of COVID-19 on July 26, but refused to take a test or go to the hospital.

Instead, the young man took several doses of vitamin C, zinc pills and ivermectin, which is an antiparasitic drug that health experts have called not to use in the face of COVID-19.

After his condition worsened, Wallace was admitted to the emergency room on July 30 and had been conscious and breathing with the aid of a machine since August 8.

Before he passed away, his wife wrote a message addressing those who criticized his anti-mask stance.

“To those who wished death, I regret that their views and opinions hurt them. I prayed that he came out of this with a new perspective and a greater appreciation for life. I can’t say more because I can’t speak for him ”.

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