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Texas lit up with impressive ball of fire | Digital Trends Spanish

This Sunday, July 24, several Texans saw an extraordinary phenomenon in the sky, the crossing of a giant fireball caused by a meteorite.

The brilliant display occurred at approximately 10:25 p.m. when the fireball entered through the atmosphere over Cistern, Texas, and ended its flight just a few miles west of Austin, according to the American Meteor Society (AMS). The nonprofit scientific organization received more than 200 reports of the phenomenon from Texas, Louisiana and Oklahoma.

Social networks immediately reacted by uploading their records:

Massive meteor seen from Hutto, Texas! #meteor #Fireball

— Armando Pena Jr. (@Armando_Ray) July 25, 2022

What I caught in the sky not too long ago! @abc13houston #Houston #sky

— Łörî 👽 (@L_Rollinstoned) July 25, 2022

“We normally get about 100 reports every day,” he wrote. Robert Lunsford of AMS. “However, it is rare for an individual to see more than one or two per lifetime, as these short-lived events also occur during the day, on a cloudy night, or in a remote area where no one sees it.”

According to an AMS map, residents of Houston, Dallas, Austin and San Antonio reported witnessing the meteor on Sunday night. “Several witnesses near the flight path reported hearing a delayed sonic boom, indicating that meteorites from this fireball may have survived to the ground,” Lunsford wrote. “Any meteorites found are likely just small fragments of the original fireball.”

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