Saturday, December 4

Thatcher at Primark

Succession It is the series that everyone should see to know the morality of those who rule and believe that power belongs to them by social class. In one scene, Shiovan, one of the daughters and heirs of the media boss who is her father, meets with the director of the chain to demand that he change the editorial line against the president of the United States because he is not being everything how sensitive the family needs at a time when they are in serious legal trouble. The journalist resists and warns by making the pressure public, but the end of the dialogue shows and uncovers the psyche and morals of an entire social class that works in the same way, regardless of where in the world the action takes place: ” And if I make this harassment public? It would be very embarrassing for you, “the journalist responds to the demands. “Yes, but if something characterizes us, you should already know, it is that we are not ashamed,” says the heir to the media empire.

That is its great value. They don’t care about everything. They are not ashamed. That is why they can present Enrique Arnaldo to the Constitutional Court and at the same time talk about depoliticizing justice without changing the face and without feeling an iota of blush. To thrive on the Spanish right, it is essential to skillfully handle the exercise of shamelessness. And in that there is no one better than Isabel Díaz Ayuso.

There are many of us who defend that Ayuso would not be in danger in a national dispute due to his Spanish-Madrilenian nationalism that has pissed off any citizen with minimal respect for his region when he leaves the borders of kilometer 0. But that may soon begin to change , if she limits herself in her verbose lag and stops insulting those who are not from Madrid, especially seeing how she becomes a libertarian pop icon. It is enough for her to focus on insulting those of us who do not think like her to continue growing. And that is easy to change at a time when memory does not reach breakfast.

Fanaticism, class contempt and a referential pastiche. Those elements united in a context of reactionary springtime and the decline of the political cultures that structure thought can make any inept foul-mouthed a reactionary reference. Ayuso is the perfect candidate for that position, a Lerna hydra with an affable face when she laughs and anger when she collapses when she meets a journalist who does not work with a script filtered by Miguel Ángel Rodríguez.

The leader needs great media support that in Madrid those opposed to her management are suffering in a concrete way. Because she does not hesitate to exercise her power and laminate whoever dares to disturb her by picking up the phones that are needed. The world he has taken part for Ayuso in the Genoese dispute, he has not surprised anyone, but they are going to hurt. The cover in which they grant the tin lady the power to end the confrontation if the leader of the PP bows to her designs and calls her to consider herself magnanimous is too cruel in a world where the ego prevails even over power. These dynamics make it dangerous. He has an uncritical mass in the media, a disproportionate ego, no qualms about exercising power against his critics, and no shame in showing his sociopathy. But also, Ayuso is very limited intellectually. That is why it is much more dangerous. Anyone who has crossed two sentences with her knows that she is unable to carry on an adult conversation outside of the frames set by her advisers. That inability makes her reckless, something that when successful is called courage but when it comes to public management is negligence.

Ayuso has the potential to become the Margaret Thatcher of Spain but with much more defective materials, of poorer quality, without ideological grounds, without culture or capacity to be by herself something more than the voice of Pecas but with enough intelligence to know that His low level requires a team that dictates even what to think about issues that surpass him. It is a leader in 3rd party stuff, fast food, flea market and Aliexpress. It’s our Thatcher from Primark. To despise her for what she is does not mean to underestimate the danger she has to grow up in ideological environments in which Casado will never get support and transcend Madrid. Ayuso is the best weapon of the PP against VOX, paradoxically she is the kryptonite of the extreme right because she represents everything that post-fascism wants. Abascal will never be president, but Ayuso can be because everything is liable to get worse.

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