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The 10 most shocking endings in movie history | Digital Trends Spanish

Great twist endings are hard to come by. Movies that feature big twists aren’t uncommon, and they can basically come in any genre, including horror. But the movies that manage to make those twists work are extremely rare. That’s why it can be so immensely satisfying to watch a movie with a shocking ending that actually makes that ending feel earned.

The endings on this list hit that mark, not only on their own merits, but also because they make the rest of the movie even better. These shocking endings have stood the test of time, whether they’re three years old or 30 years old.

Warning: This list contains spoilers for every movie that appears on it.

The Sixth Sense (1999)

One of the things that makes a great movie a twist is that rewatching the movie only makes the twist more satisfying. In the case of The sixth Senseunderstanding that Bruce Willis is dead all the time doesn’t make the movie any less enjoyable to watch.

Instead, you see all the signs and clues you missed the first time around, and come to appreciate the story so much more. The sixth Sense it has a lot worth watching aside from the twist, and rewatching the movie will confirm that for you.

The Usual Suspects (1995)

It was all a lie. That is what we learn in the final moments of The Usual Suspect when it’s revealed that the mild-mannered Verbal Kint is actually the crime lord at the center of this whole knotted affair. The reveal comes after Kint has already been released from police custody, and we already know he’s a ghost: he’ll never get caught.

On top of that, we also have to ask ourselves if something about the movie we’ve been watching is actually true within its fictional world.

Planet of the Apes (1968)

One of the first real twist endings, it remains one of the best. For an entire movie, you watch Charlton Heston’s astronaut with the understanding that he has landed on a distant planet ruled by apes, only to realize in the film’s final moments that he is still on Earth at some point in the future. far. The image of the Statue of Liberty buried in the sand is for all time, and one that turned Planet of the Apes in a franchise that has endured for decades.

The Empire Strikes Back (1980)

The first Star Wars plays out almost exactly the way you’d expect: good triumphs over evil, and everyone except Chewie gets a medal. The shocking of the final moments of The Empire Strikes Back It’s not just that Luke finds out that his father is Darth Vader, but also that the movie doesn’t leave its heroes in a happy place. Han is frozen in carbonite, Luke has his hand severed by his father, and the Rebellion appears to be in complete chaos.

Se7en (1995)

The final moments of se7en they are shocking and horrible. The film, which follows a pair of detectives working to track down a serial killer, ends when they discover that the killer’s latest victims are one of the detective’s wives and himself. It’s a shocking end to what has been a dark and twisted saga. David Fincher’s modern noir is about the darkness in the souls of men, and in his final moments, he shows us just how dark things can get, even for the film’s ostensible heroes.

Saw (2004)

The mind games that take up most of Saw’s runtime are brutal enough, but the final moments of saw they are what made it the franchise it ultimately became.

In his final moments, we learn that the corpse between the two men trapped in a bathroom together is the real puzzle killer, and he’s been faking his own death to watch the two men fight their puzzles. It’s a final moment of triumph for the assassin, who achieves total victory over the central characters we’ve been following throughout the film.

Psycho (1960)

Psychosis is terrifying long before its final twist, but the film’s final moments give a whole new meaning to the film’s name. The film reveals late in its run that the old woman who has been murdering everyone in sight for the entire film is actually Norman Bates.

His mother died years ago, and Norman has started pretending to be her and acting out the aggression he often displayed towards young women. The film’s decision to explain Norman’s pathology isn’t universally beloved, but the twist itself still holds up more than 60 years later.

Fight Club (1999)

Fincher’s fight club delivers one of the all-time great movie twists as we discover that Tyler Durden and the narrator are one and the same. This revelation forces you to reevaluate everything you’ve already seen, but it also makes sense.

The film’s narrator is so deeply alienated from the world and from himself that he built a new character who would be willing to do things he would never do. It’s both surprising and inevitable, and that’s what makes it such a classic twist.

Atonement (2007)

While it’s not a movie that might immediately come to mind when you think of shocking endings, the final moments of Atonement they can leave you trying to pick your jaw up off the ground. It turns out that the happy ending we get for the film’s two central characters is pure fiction.

Briony, the young woman who ruined their lives by making a false accusation, wrote them a happier ending to atone for the one they never got. The young lovers at the center of the film died in the war, and there was nothing more than that. A tragedy, but so common amid the tumult of war.

Us (2019)

The revelation at the end of us It’s just the icing on an already great cake. In the final moments of the movie, we learn that Red and Adelaide switched places when they were just kids. That’s why Adelaide didn’t speak when she returned: she had never done so before.

It’s the kind of revelation that forces us to reevaluate everything we’ve already seen. us it’s a story about privilege, and what we eventually realize is that the events of the film only occur because the real Adelaide knows what a better life looks like, and it was stolen from her.

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