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The 11 Best Accommodations in the US You Can Book on Airbnb | Digital Trends Spanish

You’re going on vacation and you want to stay in an unusual place, anything but a boring hotel room. Fortunately, Airbnb has thousands of accommodations throughout the United States, and hundreds of them are, to say the least, quirky. We have selected some of them, and we did it thinking of all types of travelers: from those who want a retreat in the countryside, far from the city, to those who want to sleep where one of the great characters of history rested. Read on and find out what they are The 11 Best Accommodations in the U.S. You Can Book on Airbnb.

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The 11 Best Accommodations in the United States You Can Book on Airbnb

The Hobbit cabin, cozy and unique

Feel like a hobbit staying at this rustic cabin in Talkeetna, Alaska. It is so rustic that it does not even have a bathroom inside, but only about 15 feet from the cabin (about five meters). Your trip to Middle-earth is just a five-minute drive from Talkeetna Town and will cost you about $ 100 a night, with amenities like Wi-Fi and air conditioning.

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The study of the writer John Steinbeck

The study of the writer John Steinbeck

This home-studio located in Pacific Grove, California, was the inspiration for American author John Steinbeck, but it was also the resting place of personalities like Frank Sinatra. The detail is that it is rented for a minimum of 30 days and reservations will be available from June 2022. It has amenities such as Wi-Fi, and as John Steinbeck thought, a space reserved for you to concentrate on work.

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Tipi / Natural desert pool

Tipi for rent on Airbnb

If you want to see yourself on Instagram as you suppose a Native American would look with social networks, a cell phone, a luxury car and a drone, stay in this teepee in Pioneertown, California. The teepee has an albera with an automatic heater that keeps the water warm in winter, and if exploring is your thing, you have 590 acres to walk.

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A fairy tale gingerbread house

Gingerbread House on Airbnb

Feel yourself in a fairy tale with this gingerbread house (that’s to say) located in Geyserville, California. It is located around a forest, which creates the feeling that the cabin is literally embraced by trees. And since it doesn’t have Wi-Fi, you’ll definitely feel like you’re in a medieval fairy tale. It doesn’t have air conditioning either, but beware, the walls are thick enough to keep it warm in winter and cool in summer.

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Isolated indoor tree house

Treehouse for rent on Airbnb

They say love is born out of sight, and we think that saying works perfectly well for this treehouse. It’s just minutes from downtown Atlanta, but it certainly looks like it’s in some forest at the end of the world. It is an intimate and peaceful retreat for two. The afitriones say that it is simple, but since the lodging is around $ 400 dollars per night, simple simple is not. Still, we believe that the possibility of waking up and seeing the forest is worth it.

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The Bourbon Country Getaway

Kentucky farm for rent on Airbnb

Enjoy the tranquility of rural life on this farm located in the heart of the Bourbon Route in Kentucky, where you will see spectacular views and even a river at the bottom of the property. There is no wifi, so it is a good place to disconnect from the internet. There is also a fireplace, so you could spend the evening reading a book. Just don’t forget to bring wood to light it.

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Wings Neck Lighthouse

Faro Wings Neck for rent on Airbnb

If you want to feel like Virginia Wolf living in a house by the sea, including lighthouse, this property in Pocasset, Massachusetts, could be just what you are looking for. It was once a lighthouse for the United States Coast Guard, and the structure is connected to the house, which by the way, has three rooms. We consider it a magnificent place for a family vacation where each night could end with an unbeatable view of the Atlantic.

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Restored vintage cabus 1941 with WiFi and Netflix

Cabús for rent on Airbnb

If you are passionate about trains, staying in this 1941 cabus parked at the Castanea train station in Pennsylvania, United States, could well be one of your fantasies. Inside there is Wi-Fi and Netflix because, well, inside the cabus there is not much to do and less space to improvise. Thank goodness, the station is surrounded by several places of interest that you can reach in a few minutes by car. Of course, think about reserving about five months in advance.

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Unique artist mirror house

Mirror house for rent on Airbnb

Artists Martin and Jesha are the hosts of this mirror house, from which you can rent a private room on Airbnb. The reviews on the hosts are good, but the real draw is the house itself, which is a real art installation. Imagine it as the mirror houses of the fairs, only with an artistic sense.

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George Washington slept here


If history and horseback riding is your thing, this King and Queen County Virginia farm is the Airbnb to rent. It is called Travelers Rest, and as its name implies, it is a farm that was used by travelers of all kinds to stop to rest and refresh the horses. One of his visitors was one of the founding fathers of the United States: George Washington.

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Cozy school bus conversion

Bus-turned-home for rent on Airbnb

This converted residence bus sits on a small hill in Shepherdstown, West Virginia. It has a terrace outside where you can watch the sunset, so if your vacation takes you to West Virginia, staying on this bus could give your trip a unique twist. Just keep in mind that to use the bathroom you will have to go to the host’s house, which is, according to the Airbnb page, a 30-second walk from the bus.

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