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The 12 things you can buy at the auction of the Airbus A380 | Digital Trends Spanish

Aviation fans are considering a special auction this week in which parts of an A380, the world’s largest passenger plane, are under the hammer.

The two-story design of the gigantic airbus plane it means it can carry up to 850 passengers, though most airlines configure it with a mix of seat types that brings the count down to around half that.

The A380 made its first commercial flight in 2007, with Airbus selling 254 of the planes to 15 airlines around the world. Two years ago, the aviation giant said it would stop making the plane due to declining orders as airlines moved to smaller planes for long-haul flights, and last year it delivered the last one to Emirates, based in Dubai.

The auction takes place online and in person in Toulouse, France, over three days starting October 13, offering parts from an A380 that was decommissioned in 2021 after 13 years in service. Enthusiasts interested in owning a bit of aviation history can bid on all sorts of things, some of which may require a small extension to your home to accommodate. We have selected some of the most interesting lots and shared them below. Enjoy!

1. Upper compartment: estimated price of 1,200-2,000 euros (about $1,670-$1,950)


Have you ever liked your own overhead bin? Here is a unique opportunity to get your hands on one of the real containers that traveled the world inside an Airbus 380 aircraft.

two. double carriage unit — est. price €400-600 ($390-$585)

A double carriage unit of an Airbus A380 aircraft.

That’s right, this is in fact an actual A380 car used by flight attendants to ensure that countless travelers never go hungry during a long flight. It may smell like chicken or beef.

3. steps of cab — est. price €2,000-3,000 ($1,950-2,920)

Interior steps up to the cabin of an Airbus A380 aircraft.
Anyone who has traveled in the front of an A380 will have had a clear view of the entrance to the elevated cabin and the short set of steps leading up to it. And that is precisely what this bundle is!

Four. toilet seat and bowl – est. price €150-300 ($145-$290)

A toilet seat and cup from an Airbus A380 aircraft.
Not surprisingly, this item is not expected to fetch much at auction. The toilet bowl is, after all, possibly the least glamorous part of any airliner (though arguably one of the most important).

5. Fuselage side panel — est. price €400-800 ($390-$780)

A part of the fuselage of an A380 aircraft.
Fancy a bit of an A380 fuselage and a couple of its windows? So this, from inside the aircraft, fits the bill.

6. Curtain with hanging rail — est. price €100-150 ($97-$146)

A curtain from the cabin of an A380 aircraft.

Here’s an element you could possibly incorporate into your own home, if gray-beige pleated designs are your thing. The curtain was used to separate economy class passengers from those in business or, to put it another way, to stop any passing bus riff-raff.

7. cabin door — est. price €3,000-5,000 ($2,920-$4,870)

A cabin door from an Airbus A380 aircraft.
Cabin door, anyone? Propped up in the corner of your living room, it could be a conversation starter at parties, although the auction site notes something important that means you might want to tape it to the wall. “Be careful,” he says, “the piece weighs several hundred kilograms.”

8. Row of four bus seats – its T. price 1,000-2,000 euros ($975-$1,950)

A row of economy seats from an A380 aircraft.If the A380’s economy seats hold a special place in your heart, expect to pay at least €1,000 for a set that you can then own and sit (or lie down on) anytime you want.

9. emergency ax — est. price €500-800 ($487-$780)

An emergency ax from an A380 aircraft.No, it’s not for flight attendants to brandish unruly passengers. It’s actually for things like breaking down toilet doors in case of suspicious smoke or a fire, or anything else that needs to be taken apart in an emergency.

10. Cab exhaust rope and cover – est. price €200-400 ($195-$390)

A cabin escape rope from an Airbus A380 aircraft.This rope allows pilots to escape from the cockpit through the sliding side windows in the event of an extreme situation. And it’s also quite an evacuation procedure, as the pilot has to exit head first and then, holding the rope tightly, turn his body 180 degrees so that they are then feet down for the descent. If you buy it, don’t try it at home.

eleven. Water tank — est. price €100-200 ($97-$194)

An open water tank from an A380 aircraft.
Look, we don’t know why the hell you’d want an A380 water tank, but you could.

12. business class bar – est. price €20,000-30,000 ($19,480-$29,220)

The bar on some A380 aircraft.

Surely the fastest bar in the world, as well as the tallest, the A380 drinker “embodies the convenience of air travel in the early 21st century,” according to the auction site. If you’ve been meaning to hit a home bar but just haven’t had the time, then you’ve got it all right here.

Proceeds from the auction will go to charitable initiatives around the world facilitated by the Airbus Foundation, as well as the organization AIRitage, which preserves aerospace heritage.

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