Thursday, January 27

The 15 most popular cryptocurrency posts on Reddit

A Reddit user grouped the 15 most upvoted posts on the social network in 2021. Billionaires discussions, cryptocurrency memes and Elon Musk are on the most popular list of 2021.

A aba r/CryptoCurrency was the most accessed on Reddit this year, according to the company itself. Going further, the word “crypto” was mentioned 6.6 million times on the platform.

As an honorable mention, it is worth mentioning some topics that were popular in more closed communities, such as “Who is still holding $DOGE?” with 80.3 thousand upvotes on r/Dogecoin and the announcement that Tesla bought 1.5 billion dollars in BTC on r/bitcoin, with 45,500 upvotes.

Discussions about price were frequent

Opening up the top 15 is a post criticizing people who think Dogecoin (DOGE) will hit $10 or $100, questioning whether people understand what market capitalization and outstanding supply are. THE Livecoins also talked about this altcoin trap.

In 14th place is a post about a scam called OpisHub, claiming that the scammers bought downvotes to get rid of the publication, despite the effort, this new thread brought more details about the scam.

Next, there is a post about those who dream of buying BTC for 0.10 USD, claiming that these people would have sold long before. Contrary to popular belief, most early-adopters did this.

In 12th place is the death of John McAfee in a prison in Spain. Followed by the drop of the Squid Game token from 2,856 USD to zero and a post titled “My daughter is dating a fool”, in which the author tells that his son-in-law is buying Safemoon and thinks he’s smart.

World of CEOs

Already in the 9th position is a topic on the leak of documents showing a conspiracy between Citatels and Robinhood. In 8th place is the news that Tesla has stopped accepting bitcoin payments due to its energy consumption.

Again, Robinhood is attacked by being accused of locking the buy button on certain assets. Followed by another by Elon Musk, claiming that his tweets will have little impact on the price of cryptocurrencies, as reported by Livecoins, it actually happened.

Opening up to the five most popular publications is news that singer Britney Spears has been using Bitcoin since 2014 to hide purchases from her father, the Livecoins also covered this matter.

Post number 4, with 37,000 upvotes, is titled “Elon Musk is not one of us. Stop using it as a model” and asks what the difference is between Musk, loved by everyone, and Zuckerberg, hated by everyone.

Reddit’s third most popular post in 2021

With 37,800 upvotes, the third most popular post has the title “It’s been a crazy trip for the past 7 years, but I’m selling it”, below is its content.

“I’m tired of keeping an asset that always makes me worried about collapsing, it’s bad for the environment, it can be stolen, where the network slows down even with moderate use, its value will probably depreciate to zero and hardly be used, especially in a big city.”

No, it’s not Bitcoin. It is a BWM M3 2009 with a 420 HP V8 engine with 193,000 km on the road. The ad author is asking for 0.3 BTC per car.

The second most popular Reddit post in 2021

In the top 2 is the first fight between Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao and Tesla CEO Elon Musk. The fact happened in May, when Tesla stopped accepting BTC due to environmental issues.

“When you use electricity to make cars, it’s eco-friendly. When you use electricity to run the most efficient financial networks in the world, it’s an environmental concern.”

The above phrase is from Zhao, better known as Binance’s CZ. Months later, the two billionaires again fell out after problems with the withdrawal of Dogecoin (DOGE) at Binance.

Most Popular Reddit Post in 2021

At the top of the list, with 53,900 upvotes, is a critique of memecoins and the idea that they are good investments. Although few people have lived miracles, most of them suffer losses.

“You hear about the kid who put $500 into a memecoin and won $100k, but you don’t hear about the hundreds who put $1,000 and got $0.10

You also don’t hear about guys who put in $10,000 but can’t get out because these memecoins don’t have liquidity.”

In other words, although the talk that someone turned BRL 1.00 into 1 million by buying a shitcoin sounds wonderful, these coins that have no purpose will create more losers than winners.

Even with the high amount of posts about cryptocurrencies, Reddit drew the world’s attention in 2021 due to the case of WallStreetBets, an anonymous movement that challenged Wall Street.

Finally, these were the 15 most popular posts from the r/CryptoCurrency subreddit, aimed at discussions about any and all cryptocurrencies on the market. Also, this was Reddit’s most popular tab in 2021, followed by games and sports.