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The 20 most popular video game streamers in the world | Digital Trends Spanish

If you listen to them without context, names like Felix Kjellberg, Richard Blevins, Mark Fischbach probably won’t tell you much. But did you know that there are three of the 20 most popular video game streamers in the world? Check out the full payroll below.

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Better known as PewDiePie, Kjellberg is a Swedish comedian who is popular on YouTube for his Let’s Play channel, where he posts his gameplay in popular games like Minecraft or The Elder Scrolls, but also controversial and controversial opinions on current issues. Behind PewDiePie are Ninja (Richard Blevins) Mark Fischbach (Markiplier), as the three main players.

Owner of one of the YouTube channels with the most followers, the Swedish PewDiePie tops the list as the most popular streamer in the world.

The report by the British consulting firm Currys is prepared on the basis of the average monthly searches and the total number of followers on social networks such as Instagram, YouTube and Twitch, the latter two of the main ones used by the main video game streamers.

The list also considers five Spanish-speaking players among the 20 most popular, with VEGETTA777 and AuronPlay vying for first place. However, Mikecrack, Willyrex and Ibai Llanos also appear.

Here are the 20 most popular video game streamers in the world and the platforms they play on.

Pos. Name Number of searches * Followers ** Platform Country Age
one PewDiePie 1.2 million 133 million PC/PlayStation Sweden 31
two Ninja 1.4 million 54.5 million pc USA 30
3 Markiplier 535.6 thousand 41.4 million pc USA 32
4 VEGETTA777 279 thousand 39.4 million pc Spain 32
5 auronplay 471.9 thousand 39 million pc Spain 32
6 jacksepticeye 406.1 thousand 37.6 million pc Ireland 31
7 DanTDM 385.8 thousand 30.4 million pc United Kingdom 29
8 mikecrack 694.1 thousand 29.2 million pc Spain 28
9 Willyrex 256 thousand 27.8 million pc Spain 28
10 Tfue 202 thousand 27.5 million pc USA 23
eleven Techno Gamerz 274.6 thousand 22.2 million pc India 19
12 lazarbeam 401.3 thousand 21.7 million pc Australia 26
13 was going 253.3 thousand 21.1 million pc Spain 26
14 tommyinnit 921.9 thousand 21 million pc United Kingdom 17
fifteen FGTeeV 515.9 thousand 20.2 million Console/Mobile USA 47
16 SSundee 239.3 thousand 19.8 million pc USA 33
17 cover 320 thousand 18.1 million pc Canadian 27
18 bugha 165.1 thousand 14 million pc USA 18
19 Mongraal 138.1 thousand 14 million pc United Kingdom 17
twenty NICKMERCS 223 thousand 12.7 million pc USA 32

* Monthly average of global searches. / ** Followers on Instagram, Twitch and YouTube.

What do the most popular streamers have in common?

Logitech G Pro Wireless Mouse
The Logitech G Pro Wireless is the most popular wireless mouse among top video game streamers.

The report also highlighted some commonalities shared by the most popular streamers. And with millions of followers, they’re a great place to look for inspiration on what devices you can add to your own gaming setup.

  • The top 10 streamers are all PC gamers, although PewDiePie also uses PlayStation.
  • The most popular mouse is the Logitech G Pro Wireless, used by Tommyinnit, Jacksepticeye, Ibai and Bugha
  • The main gaming keyboards used by streamers are Logitech G Pro (Shroud and Ibai), SteelSeries Apex Pro TKL (Bugha and Mongraal), and CorsairRapidFireK70 Low Profile MK.2 (Ninja and DanTDM). They are all mechanics.

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