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The 2022 Morgan Super 3 updates the traditions of the brand | Digital Trends Spanish

Morgan’s three-wheeled roofless car has been in production since 1911, with a long hiatus of 59 years that kept it absent for almost the entirety of the second half of the 20th century and the first decade of the current century. Very few times in its 111-year history has its manufacturer presented a completely new version of this peculiar vehicle. This is one of those occasions.

At first glance, the new Morgan Super 3 it seems to respect the traditions established by its predecessors, however the new design presents two fundamental changes. The first is that its bodywork benefits from 21st century aerodynamics that offers less wind resistance with the benefits in consumption and speed driving dynamics that less wind resistance offers. The second change is that Morgan ditches the two-cylinder engines for his three-wheeler.

Between its two front wheels, the new Super 3 is powered by a Ford-sourced three-cylinder naturally aspirated petrol engine, which Morgan describes as “powerful, efficient and characterful,” and which we’ll have to settle for until the manufacturer offers official power and development numbers. The three-cylinder is mated to the same excellent five-speed manual gearbox used in the Mazda MX-5, mated to a carbon fiber-reinforced drive belt. Morgan did not advance if he would make an electric version of the model.

The new Morgan Super 3, which according to its manufacturer is the most configurable model in its entire history, has a new aluminum monocoque platform, derived from the current Plus Four and Plus Six models. Morgan says the platform makes the vehicle lighter but stiffer than its predecessor, and boasts of making better use of available space, offering more slack for its two occupants.

The Super 3’s cabin looks surprisingly spacious and versatile, with an accent on the necessities of long adventure travel. All of its contact points are made of molded metal and are cool to the touch. The cabin is completely dust-tight and waterproof, including the new USB sockets and the instruments contained in circular digital displays. Those familiar with the previous model will recognize the engine on/off button, inspired by the missile launch button on military aircraft, which is the same one used on the outgoing three-wheeler.

The new Super 3 will be built at the manufacturer’s historic plant in the town of Malvern Link, in the English county of Worcestershire, and can now be ordered in the UK, Europe and the US. The first deliveries for the European continent are expected in a few months while the first copies destined for North America, Japan and Australia will begin to be dispatched in the second half of the year.

The starting price of the Morgan Super 3 in the UK is ££34,958 before local taxes, which works out to about $46,900 at current exchange rates. The sales price for the United States has not yet been announced.

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